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438 aarakocra Stat Modifiers: Dexterity + 1, Strength + 1, Charisma - 1 Aarakocras resemble humanoid birds. The average specimen stood about 5 feet tall and have a wingspan of around 15 feet. Plumage color varies, but males generally have red, orange, and yellow coloration, while females tend towards brown and gray. They are fierce warriors, with excellent agility and strength. As they are tribal in nature, they also make excellent clerics, and even druids. Aarakocras reasonably dislike fire, but seem to be able to fly in the strongest of winds.
426 aasimar Stat Modifiers: Strength + 1, Dexterity - 1, Charisma + 2 The aasimar are physical embodiments of angelic creatures, pure of intent. The are humanoid in appearance, bearing all of the same physical attributes as humans. The aasimar are beautiful to behold, and are said to be some of the most attractive creatures in Aragond. No one is quite sure why they have travelled to the material plane. Aasimar are strong and charismatic, making excellent paladins.
418 achievements The achievements command will show you the list of game achievements you have accomplished with your character thus far.
24 acid_breath A dragon or high level wizard using this spell will wreak untold acid damage upon a roomful of eligible targets, with a strong chance to apply the acid effect on each, melting equipment.
53 acid_blast Acid blast is a damage spell used to emit a magically acidic ball of kinetic force at an enemy, hitting them for very high acid damage. Saving against this spell will halve the damage taken, and avoid getting an acid effect landed upon the victim.
282 acidic_touch Spell Level: 1 Element: Acid Classes: Wiz Syntax: cast acidic touch Wizards use the spell at close range to do a fair amount of acid damage to their target when forced into a corner.
548 acid arrow Syntax: cast acid arrow This spells conjures forth, and subsequently fires, an acidic arrow at your target.
310 acolyte Acolyte, or the sons of light, are nearly zealous clerics, druids, and even bards, who position themselves somewhat at odds with Conclave, due to the necromantic practices within the clan. They are known to heal random strangers, and house some of the most powerful adepts in the land.
170 adagio The adagio ballad can be used to slow a target down greatly, but cannot be stacked with the slow spell. Using a brass instrument will result in a more potent ballad, lasting longer.
587 addmin Syntax: addmin Primarily used as a testing tool, addmin allows you to add minutes to a characters total played time.
615 addxp syntax: addxp Adds experience points to the specified player.
725 aedit Syntax: edit area -Enters the editor for the current area. Syntax: edit area -Enters the editor for the selected area. The follow commands are available from within the AEDITOR: age - set the age of the area builder - toggle that builders access commands - prints a list of possible commands create - create a brand new area and switch to it done - exits the area editor and returns to normal play filename - change the file name for the area (be careful) name - change the AREAS name of this area reset - resets the current area security - set the security rating for this area show - hitting return, or show shows the area stats vnum - set the lower and upper vnums lvnum - set the lower vnum uvnum - set the upper vnum - area flags, type ? AREA for a list
708 affects affect This command is used to show all the spells affecting your character. At low levels, only the spell name will be displayed, at higher levels the effects and duration of the spell will also be shown. Spell effects are no longer shown on score (this can be changed by using show command).
128 age Age represents how many years old a character is. Different races have different lifespans, and players can age to death, see help death.
290 agriculture farm farming The agriculture skill helps aventurers who wish to spend their time farming, allowing them to have better passive techniques at both burying seeds, and harvesting the resulting plants. The skill is also helpful to lower the harvest time of plants, and add to the overall harvest of a plant. See also: help harvest, help bury, help pour
124 aid_spell The aid spell is a paladin devotion that acts as a buff towards it's target, increasing their maximum hit points temporarily.
235 alarm With this spell a caster can set a magical alarm on an area, allowing him to hear an alarm the next person who passes through.
539 alchemy brew Syntax: brew Using this skill, a player can brew potions based on the recipes they find throughout their adventures within Aragond. This is a helpful way to make money as well, as not everyone has access to potions and spells.
448 alignment Your characters alignment helps mold the attitude of your character and the way they present themselves in social, combat, and religious situations.
687 alias unalias Syntax: alias alias alias unalias The alias command allows limited shortening of command names. At this time, aliases cannot call other aliases, and cannot generate more than one command. Alias by itself lists your current aliases, Alias lists the alias with that name (if such exist), and alias with both a word and and argument produces a new alias. You cannot alias either alias or unalias to a new command. Examples of use: alias gc get all corpse --> typing gc will equal typing get all corpse alias ff cast fireball --> ff orc will equal cast fireball orc Only the first word on the line will be subsituted at this time. Characters may have up to 15 aliases at one time.
724 alist Syntax: alist |||| This command gives you a listing of all the areas along with their vnum assignments and the builder(s) assigned to editing them. Our alist is getting rather large so Ive added arguments you can use to filter it down by alignment, plane, whether or not its linked to the game world, and whether or not its a clanhall. You can now also add a builder name as an argument.
83 alloy Below are the ratios of materials needed to forge ingots: The ratio for steel is is 3 iron to 1 steel. The ratio for brass is is 2 copper and 1 zinc to 1 brass. The ratio for bronze is is 2 copper and 1 tin to 1 brass. The ratio for titanium is is 2 steel and 1 zinc to 1 titanium.
0 amazon Amazons are fierce females from a tribe of warlike fighters and rangers, with incredible skill in long range weaponry and unarmored combat. Amazonians enjoy increased resistance to lightning, magic, light, and energy based attacks, as well as natural armor class so long as they keep their overall bulk at or below 18. Amazons gain knowledge of riding and whips, and also gain deflect, an ability that allows them to deflect arrows and thrown items in combat. Amazonian warriors are known for their style of fighting with one weapon and a shield, and have trained extensively in this manner, giving them a 10% bonus to success for shield block, shield bash, and shield disarm, so long as they maintain a bulk of 18 or less.
423 ambidexterity Ambidexterity is a passive boon pickable during creation, that allows one to utilize both hands for weaponry to a higher degree than someone with just dual wielding. Ambidexterity also helps with other things, such as backstabbing, offhand parrying, etc.
715 andora Andora (and-or-a) is the goddess of nature, having reign over the planet itself. Her anger is swift, but her love and devotion sincere and soft. Many of her followers tend to be druids and rangers.
50 animate_weapon Animate weapon is used to convert any non-cursed weapon into a magically powered charmie. These implements can be ordered as a normal charmie, and behave the same, save that they do not disappear over time, as most charmies do. They will disappear on upon their "death" or your logout. The animated weapon's power is determined largely by the weapon used, and the caster's level. The weapon used for this spell is "used up" for this process, and will not be redeemable.
199 animalist The animalist subclass allows a druid to become master of his physical form, able to shapeshift into any beast or magical beast in the land. This allows the druid to use the attack type of the animal he has shifted into. Hand to hand is very helpful to have for this druid subclass. The animalist subclass requires 17 wisdom, 15 dexterity, and the animal_handling skill, along with the normal subclassing requirements. The animalist gets the following abilities: shapeshift, turn animal, call of the wild.
260 animal_handling Animal handling is an apprentice level skill for both druids and rangers that gives them access to the tame command. This gives them the unique ability to tame their own pets, and even mounts if they are knowledgable in the riding skill.
545 animal growth Syntax: cast animal growth This spell causes the caster to grow considerably in size and strength. The obvious benefits of being larger and stronger are a result, among them the capacity to should heavier loads and increased melee damage.
34 antimagic_shell Once cast, the wizard is surrounded by a and antimagic shell, protecting them from all magical harm (not physical, see globe of invulnerability). The spell requires a small amount of mana every few seconds, and runs out when the caster runs out of mana or casts any other spell.
618 aragond Aragond is an open ended sand box style mud where you can develop your character into a multitude of things that can affect the economy, clans, and religions of the world. Players can treat it like a hack and slash Diablo style game, or something more akin to Farmville, if they like. The range of options and content is truly immense.
252 areas Syntax: area Syntax: area list Typing area with no argument will show you the area youre in, its alignment, and its level relative to your own. Typing area list will give you a list of active, playable areas in the game, with relevant information.
403 armor Syntax: cast armor The armor spell is a staple of most lower level casters in the realm. It provides up to 4 AC to the casters target, giving them a little bit of extra survivability in tough situations. This spell stacks with other spells of its class for increased AC.
106 artificer Artificers are a subclass open to every major class in the game. This subclass is a special niche of craftman who has decided to take his craftmanship to the next level, making him a master artisan. Artificers enjoy access to the craftsmanship, drafting, and runecrafting skills by default. Artificers can also take additional crafting skills such as enhanced mining, clothcutting, and saw technique to further their abilities. See also, help subclass
265 assassin The assassin is an extremely specialized subclass of thieves. They must have mastered the skills of backstabbing, hiding, and envenom. Assassins are also required to have a minimum base dexterity score of 15, and a minimum base intelligence score of 13. Assassins get two new skills, garrote and disguise, and also enjoy a bonus to damage caused by their backstabs.
32 astral_spell Using the astral spell, the powerful wizard can transport themself from the material plane to the astral plane, provided there are no other spell effects such as forbiddance or dimensional anchor involved.
169 audible_intoxication The audible intoxication spell attempts to get everyone in the same room as the bard drunk, except the bard himself. This will also help thirst and fill a player's stomach.
475 audible_glamor Spell Level: 1 Type: Illusion Domain: Magic Element: Earth Audible glamor is a useful spell for those wanting to make themselves appear better looking and more charismatic than they actually are. Many a wizard have used this as a disguise of sorts.
193 aura_salvation The aura of salvation will raise the spell saves of an inquisitor and his/her group mates by 4, giving them better defense against spells cast against them.
194 aura_silence One of the inquisitors most powerful weapons, the aura of silence, is a prayer they can enable to make the room they are in effectively "no magic", quelching any wizards casting abilities while in the same room.
144 autodrink Autodrink is a toggle that will automatically try to drink from any available sources when you get thirsty. See also: help toggle
716 aziel Aziel represents everything that is the embodiment of discipline. He is a wise, fair, and just god, and attracts many clerics and monks as his followers. It is, however, not unknown for druids, rangers, and paladins to be found in his congregation.

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ID Keyword(s) Text
645 backstab Backstab is the favored attack of thieves, murderers, and other rogues. It can be used with any weapon type, but is most effective with piercing weapons. The damage inflicted by a backstab is determined by the attackers level, his weapon skill, his backstab skill, and the power of his opponent. Only thieves may learn to backstab, but they must master daggers first.
108 bait Bait is the item type used to fish with. One also needs to be holding a fishing pole, and have the fishing skill. See also, help fishing. Bait in regards to taming animals is actually just food. See help tame.
31 balefire Balefire is a powerful damage spell that causes high energy damage to a single opponent. Two separate saving throws are then made, one for a wave of medium fire damage, and one for a wave of medium negative damage.
168 ballad_of_the_banshee The ballad of the banshee does powerful sound damage to it's intended target, provided they are not deaf. The damage can be increased by using a brass instrument. This ballad can also daze an enemy, if they do not successfully pass a constitution shock survival check.
596 balance Balance is a passive monk skill that allows the monk opportunity to avoid bashing or tripping from foes. This skill is honed after years of training and relies heavily on the monks own dexterity score.
44 banshee_wail Banshee wail does medium to high sound damage to a single target. This damage is completely ignored if the player is deaf at the time.
631 bank banking Syntax: bank open - opens a bank account, 100 gold required to open. Syntax: bank deposit ### - deposit ### gold into an existing account. Syntax: bank deposit ### silver - deposit ### silver into an existing account. Syntax: bank deposit ### copper - deposit ### copper into an existing account. Syntax: bank withdraw ### silver - withdraw ### silver, 10% fee. Syntax: bank withdraw ### copper - withdraw ### copper, 10% fee. Syntax: bank statement - show an overview of your bank account. Banks are used to store more money than a character can generally carry, but come with stipulations of their own. Banks charge a small fee for withdrawal, and are prone to being robbed. However, ones bank account accrues interest with each passing year. Bank Maximums: Gold - 250,000 coins Silver - 5,000,000 coins Copper - 5,000,000 coins Bankers can also convert silver and copper to gold for you, to do so, type: give ### Players with bank accounts also have acces to a vault. See help vault for more info.
273 barbarian Requirements: Strength 15, Knowledge of either Axes or Long Swords, knowledge of Berserking. Barbarians are the most savage fighters in the world, utilizing their brute strength and viciousness, they are able to dish out incredible amounts of damage quite quickly. As bloodthirsty as they are, barbarians are also able to withstand more pain than most, making them a fierce combatant in battle. Barbarians have endurance beyond that of normal adventurers, and can sense danger even while sleeping.
552 barkskin The barkskin spell is helpful for a druid who would rather not take a lot of combat damage. It helps with their armor class as well as reducing actual damage taken by a small amount.
609 bard Primary Stat: Charisma 2ndary Stat: Intelligence Minimum Stats: Charisma (15), Intelligence (10) Bards are excellent travelling companions, as they always seem to have a story to tell! Theyre also good for parties/groups due to the nature of their magic, which is centered mostly around being in a group. While bards tend to do just fine alone, they prefer company and excel when in a group.
646 bash The bash skill is a warrior talent, a brute-force attack designed to knock your foe to his knees. Its success depends on many factors, including the bash rating, your weight, and the size of your opponent. Bashing a dragon is not generally a wise idea.
15 battlecry Syntax: battlecry Fighters using battlecry give their groupmates a melee damage buff for a duration while simulataneously affecting anyone the group is fighting at the time with a melee damage malus.
18 beaver Beavers are an NPC race in Aragond that Druid subclassed Animalists can shapeshift into. They are also an elusive creature that Valben has yet to discover.
422 beeptell Beeptells are useful if you are not checking the game window frequently (maybe you are checking email, browsing the web, or watching porn). This makes a beep sound whenever someone sends you a tell.
647 berserk Only powerful warriors can master berserking, the ability to enter insane rage in combat. Its effects are not altogether unlike the frenzy spell -- a huge surge of combat prowess, coupled with a disregard for personal safety. Berserking warriors are more resistant to the effects of magic.
274 bishop Requirements: Wisdom 16, Charisma 13, 1500 lifetime faith. The Bishop is a subclass available solely for the Clerics of Aragond who have built enormous faith and devotion to their deity. Bishops gain access to a passive skill called devotion, which allows them additional casting levels when praying for spells. They also gain a spell called spiritual hammer, which brings a massive magical hammer down from the heavens, in order to smite foes. Bishops obtain faith at twice the rate of other adventurers.
88 blackjack gamble The gamble command is used to play blackjack at any dealer willing to give you the cards. Gambling is done with gold, with bets ranging from 5 to 500 gold pieces. Any number of players can gamble with the same dealer at the same time. A player who leaves the room during a hand forfeits their wager. Quitting or logging out during a hand also forfeits your wager. For rules on how to play blackjack, please refer to google as it will explain far better than I can. Syntax: gamble ### Gamble followed by a number between 5-500 will start the hand, creating a short timer on the dealer. When the timer reaches 0, the dealer will pass out cards and begin the hand. gamble hit During your turn, taking a "hit" will have the dealer draw you one more card. This can be done as many times as you'd like until you "bust" or "gamble stay". gamble stay Staying means you are done drawing cards for your turn and ready to pass on to the next player's turn. gamble double Doubling down allows you to double your wager, but beware, if you bust or the dealer beats you, 2X your wager is lost. gamble shuffle This can be done for those players who are wary of dealers who may try to cheat them. Anyone can force the dealer to shuffle the deck. gamble update Show what you and the dealer are holding/showing currently.
113 blasphemy The blasphemy spell is cast upon a room to ensure that those who blaspheme while inside it will be punished with damaging magic.
521 blacksmithing forge Syntax: forge Syntax: forge Syntax: forge Syntax: forge Syntax: forge weapon Syntax: forge armor Syntax: forge key Syntax: forge Syntax: forge resize Syntax: forge <##> Syntax: forge Blacksmithing is an important skill in Aragond, because it can be used to create equipment for so many people throughout the realms. One may melt materials down from old equipment via the smelt command, or forge new equipment using materials they already have. Typing forge with no arguments will show your current forge level/size. One must be at an anvil to use blacksmithing, and have the appropriate tools (blacksmithing hammer, materials, etc) For a list of ingot material costs, see help alloy.
553 blade barrier Syntax: cast blade barrier This powerful spell can only be cast when the user is in possession of a bladed object of some sort, ie: a sword or dagger. Once enacted, it will create magical copies of that blade and surround the caster in a whirling mass of them, inflicting a great deal of damage to any foe that dares draw near.
456 bless Bless is commonly used by priests to increase the accuracy and chance to resist negative spells cast on their target. Bless can be cast on objects as well to prep them for enchantment. When cast upon a drink container filled with water, it will turn to holy water.
73 blizzard Blizzard is a powerful wizard spell that creates a damage over time effect in a room. This effect can be dispelled by a standard dispel magic spell. Players not in the caster's group who enter the room begin to take freezing damage within a few seconds, until they leave.
242 blind_mode Syntax: blind This command toggles on/off blind mode, which has been configured to be easier for screen readers to display output from certain commands, like list, score, and more.
529 blind fighting Blind fighting is a skilled honed over time that allows an adventurer to retain keen awareness of his surroundings, even while blind. This does not give the person sight, but does afford them a bit of a bonus in combat situations.
560 blink Syntax: cast blink This spell allows a mage to rapidly "blink" in and out of existance in a close proximity. It can be viewed as a form of rapid short-range teleporting. Either way, the speed at which this "blinking" happens is quick to the degree that blows that would have otherwise landed directly on the caster miss entirely.
221 body attunement Monks who have mastered focusing their ki, can further specialize by studying body attunement, which passively allows the monk to store more ki, allowing them the ability to utilize more ki based moves before having to stop and focus again. Body attunement also helps the monk when gathering ki. The ki increase the monk receives is based on their wisdom and and constitution ability scores. See also: help focus
440 boon During creation, you may choose up to two boons, but you are not required to choose any. Each boon costs 3 trains out of your initial 10, but affords your character some sort of permanent, life long bonus.
749 bounty Syntax: bounty bounty bounty remove bounty collect Using the bounty system, you can place a bounty on a players head, effectively marking them for death. You can specify how much bounty you wish to place on said person, and even add to it at a later date if no one seems interested in your first reward offer. To collect a bounty you must bring the head of the target to a known bounty collector.
444 brandish Brandish is the keyword used to invoke the magic in an enchanted staff. The correct syntax is simply brandish without an argument, or append the command with a target (self, Bob, etc..)
306 bregan daerthe Bregan Daerthe is perhaps the most secretive society within Aragond. They were originated in the underdark, comprised originally of all drow. Now, they are much more diverse, and have their spy network extended throughout Aragond.
226 brutal_instinct Barbarians gain access to their most brutal of instincts, giving them additional combat prowess beyond normal fighters. Brutal instinct is a passive skill for barbarians that adds 20% damage to a critical hit.
427 bugbear Stat Modifiers: Strength + 1, Dexterity - 1, Constitution + 1, Charisma - 1 The bugbear is a massive humanoid creature, distantly related to goblins and hobgoblins. They average seven feet in height, and can weigh 300 or more pounds. They are covered in a thick fur, which causes them to be fearsome of fire. Bugbears are incredibly strong and durable, but not much to look at. They make great fighters, rangers, and even decent clerics.
506 builder_funcs This is a file to help new builders here get up to speed with some of the ease of use features Ive added to OLC, to help speed up the building process and ensure you are able to spend your building time making the environment seem more realistic through more advanced things such as mob programs, object programs, quests, etc. Commands: COPY helps you copy object, room, or mobile information instead of retyping it. IRESET helps you easily set up resets. doesnt support nesting however. OLIST/RLIST/MLIST all show lists of objs/rooms/mobs in OLC AUTOSET for mobiles. ALLSECT sets all sectors in a given area. ALLHEAL/ALLMANA sets all regen rates in an area. ARESET shows all resets in the area. CHECKWPN/CHECKTYPE filter objects in a list to compare them. ECON command will show any shops in the area, how much money they have, and what types of shop they are.
623 bulk Bulk is the measure of how heavy the equipment/armor youre wearing is. Each character class has limits to how much bulk they can wear, as well as how bulky the items they wear can be. Max Bulk Per Class: Wizard 5 Cleric 15 Thief 15 Fighter 50 Druid 20 Ranger 35 Paladin 50 Bard 30 Monk 15 Max Item Bulk Per Class: Wizard 1 Cleric 2 Thief 2 Fighter 5 Druid 3 Ranger 4 Paladin 5 Bard 3 Monk 2 Builder Guide: Item: Suggested Bulk: Cloth 0-1 Shield 1-4 Plate 3-5 Chainmail 2-4 Helm 1-3 Hands/Feet 1-3 Legs/Arms 2-4 Waist 1-3 Wrist 1-3 Also keep in mind metals like mithril/adamantite are notorious for being lightweight, and should therefore have a slightly reduced bulk in comparison to other pieces of armor made from materials such as gold/silver/platinum.
285 burning_hands Spell Level: 1 Element: Fire Classes: Wiz Syntax: cast burning hands Wizards use the spell at close range to do a fair amount of fire damage to their target when forced into a corner.
292 bury Syntax: bury Adventurers with a shovel can bury seeds and objects by way of this command. If a seed is planted, it will soon grow. The pace at which is grows can be hastened if the character who buries the seed has the agriculture skill. The harvest period can also be halved by simply planting the seed in its correct biome. See also: help pour, help harvest
746 butcher Syntax: butcher Using the butcher skill, players are able to create food from the corpses of their enemies, a self sustaining practice that can save a lot of money in the long run. Gnolls are exceptionally good at butchering.
464 buy Syntax: buy To purchase an item, you must have enough money to do so, and be in the correct place to do so. Some items you cannot buy until you have reached sufficient level. Shops are scattered throughout the lands, mostly found in cities and towns, but can be found elsewhere. You can see a list of what the shopkeeper is selling by typing list while in their shop.

-=[ C ]=-

ID Keyword(s) Text
214 cacophonic_shield Cacophonic shield is a bard song that improves the armor class of the recipient of the song. It may be sung to oneself, or to others.
13 caltrops Syntax: caltrops The caltrops skill can be used to throw a handful of metal pyramid spikes on the ground, damaging an opponent's feet and giving them a temporary loss of dexterity and hitroll.
52 call_lightning Call lightning can be used outdoors during some sort of precipitation to damage anyone eligible who is not in the caster's group with a bolt of medium to high lightning damage. Players nearby will see the lightning flashing in the sky. This will initiate combat with everyone it hits.
167 calming_verse Calming verse does pretty much what it's name implies, it attempts to calm everyone in the vicinity down, even if they are currently fighting. Using a brass instrument increases the chances of this and also extends the duration.
187 call_of_the_wild This spell allows an animalist to summon a random wild animal to their aid in combat as a temporary ally. These animals each have different types of attacks and attributes.
676 calm Syntax: cast calm One of the most useful and often overlooked abilities of the master cleric is the calm spell, which can put an end to all violence in a room. Calmed creatures will not attack of their own volition, and are at a disadvantage in combat as long as the spell soothes their minds. The more violence activity there is in a room, the harder the spell, and it is all or nothing -- either all combat in the room is ended (with the exception of those who are immune to magic) or none is.
503 cannon Cannons are powerful gun powder based weapons which can be loaded onto ships. The bigger the ship you own, the more cannons you may have, among other things.
98 casting_level The determined spell casting level for a spell is based on a number of things, including class, race, intelligence, buffs, and spell damage. Races that get spell level bonus: Nymphs +2 Gith* +1 Elves** +1 Gnomes +1 Lich +2 Illithid +1 Spell damage to casting level ratio 30:1 * Githzerai and Githyanki receive this bonus. ** Elves and Drow receive this bonus.
404 cast Syntax: cast Casting is how the magic users of Aragond use their spells. Having a higher primary stat and higher percentage in skill will result in less failures when casting spells. If a spell is words, but also has a target, encapsulate the spell name in single quotes, letting the game know the target comes after the closing single quote. Example: cast magic missile goblin
281 cause_light Spell Level: 1 Element: Magic Classes: Pld/Dru/Clr Syntax: cast cause light Some priests in Aragond turn to darker magics to learn how to bring harm to their enemies instead of aiding their allies. These casters use this spell to cause a small amount of extra magic based damage to their enemies.
222 census Syntax: census area census linked census census type census form
(such as biped, etc) census part The census command can be used with arguments to retrieve interesting information about the population of Aragond.
398 centaur Stat Modifiers: Dexterity + 1, Charisma - 1, Constitution + 1, Wisdom - 1 Centaurs are half man, half horse, the upper half being human, from waist up. They are sturdy creatures, and have excellent mobility due to their nature. Centaurs make excellent warriors, but are well suited to most classes.
30 change_sex A wizard may alter their own, or another target's gender for a duration utilizing this spell. This can come in handy in combination with a disguise or shapeshift.
97 challenge The challenge commands allows a max level player to challenge another for leadership of their respective class based guild. The person being challenged must be online, and not already have been challenged by someone else. In order to challenge someone, you must be at level 40 and cannot have multi-classed. Once a challenge has been issued, it remains until one of the players logs out, or the challenger defeats the challeneged. If the challenged wins, the challenge is nullified and they remain the guildmaster.
174 channels A channel is a way of communication on the game. In Aragond, there are many channels, some of which are in character, and others are considered out of character, for questions, help, and just general chit chat. Here's a list of channels in Aragond. Channel OOC/IC OOC OOC say IC yell IC gossip IC tell OOC/IC (it can be used for both) grat OOC gtell OOC
512 charisma Charisma is a relative figure of a characters social abilities mixed with their looks. A character may be beautiful but have a terrible attitude, attributing the 7 or 8 charisma they may have. Charisma is useful during diplomatic sessions, enemy engagements, monster summoning and charming, and controlling loyal subjects. Charisma Affects: maximum charms, haggling
682 chain lightning Syntax : cast chain lightning Chain lightning is a deadly spell, producing a powerful bolt of lightning that arcs from target to target in the room, until its force is fully expended. Allies of the caster may be hit by this spell if they are members of a clan, while the caster himself will not be struck unless no other viable target remains. Chain lightning is most effective when used on groups of creatures.
588 checkwpn Syntax: checkwpn Syntax: checkwpn Syntax: checkwpn Syntax: checkwpn Syntax: checkwpn Checkwpn is a flexible utility giving immortals the ability to pull data from Certain ranges of weapons in the game, based on level, weapon type, and name.
142 chisel Chisels are tools used by those with the woodworking skill, in order to chisel or whittle wood into various items.
284 chill touch Spell Level: 1 Element: Cold Classes: Wiz Syntax: cast chill touch Wizards use the spell at close range to do a fair amount of cold damage to their target when forced into a corner.
51 chromatic_orb Chromatic orb is a damage spell, used to cause medium to high damage to a single target, with varying damage types. A chromatic orb can cause lightning, fire, light, or poison damage, and the damage increases in that order, with poison being the most.
230 chum Syntax: chum Using the chum command, a fisherman can always have some bait, for the moment he stumbles upon a great fishing hole unprepared. See also: help fish
432 clans Clans are exclusive guilds that characters may join through role play interaction with other members of the clan. Each clan has a specific roleplay trope centered around it, and is accompanied by a clanhall, ranking system, and clan objects, which grant statistics to a character in line with the clans trope. Current Clans: Conclave Acolyte Guardian Ravager Obsidian Harpers Corsair Jaezred Chaulssin Bregan DAerthe
586 class classes The playable classes of Aragond are: Wizard Ranger Cleric Paladin Thief Bard Fighter Monk Druid See also: multiclass, subclass
705 clan Clanning is an important part of Aragond. Each clan has its own faction, which each player may earn reputation with. If a player has high reputation with said clan, he may petition to join it. Sometimes even if the player has no reputation with said Clan/Faction, they may still join based on their citizenship rank, in whichever town they hail from. Reputation is gained by completing quests (this is still in implementation) for a particular town or faction, and sometimes both (quests in Renfall will give you faction and citizenship points.) Clans have ranks as well, which can be attained through whatever system that particular clan has set up (player run). Clans can be chartered via large sums of money to Faction leaders. These prices are/will be totally negotiated between players. There are currently no Faction leaders until we go into beta and have a slightly more stable player base. The game will automatically enter you into the PK system at level 15.
16 cleave Syntax: cleave Cleave allows the fighter to swing a two-handed weapon with incredible force, hitting a target with a powerful blow that also has a chance at dazing them for a combat round.
639 cleric cleric basics cleric default Primary Stat: Wisdom Secondary Stat: Constitution Mininum Stats: Wisdom (10) Clerics are the most defensively orientated of all the classes. Most of their spells focus on healing or defending the faithful, with their few combat spells being far less powerful than those of mages. However, clerics are the best class by far at healing magics, and they posess an impressive area of protective magics, as well as fair combat prowess. Clerics can wear pliable armor up to 2 bulk per piece, and can have a total bulk of 15. This gives them reasonable defense in battle, giving them better ability to heal their group... or themself.
105 clothcutting Clothcutting is a passive ability that allows an artificer to get more material from equipment that he or she cuts into fabric.
46 colour_spray Colour spray deals medium light damage to a single target with a chance of temporarily blinding them for a duration.
497 color colour ansi Syntax: color colour variable Color can add quite a bit of life to the game, if used sparingly and properly. The commands color and colour both toggle ANSI color on and off. To use a color, when speaking or writing a note, simply insert the tag for the desired color in the appropriate place. Color Code Options: r Red R Bright Red g Green G Bright Green b Blue B Bright Blue m Magenta M Bright Magenta c Cyan C Bright Cyan y Yellow Y Bright Yellow w White W Bright White x Colorless D Dark grey a Cerulean A Aquamarine o Dark Orange O Light Orange u Brown U Light Brown p Purple P Pink d Darker Grey F Fuschia l Light Green t Teal f Fleshtone s Sepia k Brick Beep Sound *
39 comprehend_languages This spell allows the caster to understand (at a 50% rate) all of the languages of the world for a duration. This is helpful for communication while role playing, or learning from tomes that are written in foreign languages.
54 command_undead Using the command undead spell, a wizard can assume control of the target undead creature, sometimes even if it is already under another player's control.
86 combat_tactics Combat Tactics is a passive skill for the Templar subclass that gives them several different minor bonuses when in combat. First, it gives +2 to all melee combat to-hit rolls. Secondarily, on a successful check, combat tactics adds 5% to all defensive modifiers. Finally, combat tactics adds a very small chance for a bonus attack each round. This chance is somewhere around 2%.
183 compare Syntax: compare The compare command will attempt to compare a weapon or piece of armor either to another specific item which you specify, or if none specified, will try to match another piece of gear you are wearing, which takes the same wear slot.
457 commands_movement movement Syntax: commands commands ? commands (common|config|communication|info|object|movement|combat) This command will show you all or a portion of the available commands in the game, depending on what parameters you pass it.
644 combat Combat in Aragond is round based, and different classes have a base amount of attacks per round, based on their level, martial ability, dexterity, and hitroll. Each round you may use a mid-rounder, a skill, special ability, or spell available to you. Each of these has its own cooldown time and an amount of time required to use. Some may be used twice per round, while others, one per three rounds. One must be careful in choosing the abilities they use in battle, as the many creatures of Aragond have resistances or even immunities to certain forms of physical or magical damage. Bearing that in mind, many creatures also have vulnerabilities to these same things, allowing for strategic options in battle. See also: help saves, hitroll, melee_dam, death
29 control_weather Using the control weather spell, a wizard can specify to better or worsen the weather in the current area. This is useful for those who like to use call lightning/ice storm to maximum effect.
68 cone_sound The cone of sound spell gives the wizard the ability to deafen all opponents within the room, temporarily lowering their hitroll and dexterity, but this can have adverse effects as well... if a bard is in the caster's group...
69 cone_cold Cone of cold spews forth a wide cone of frost, freezing shards, and sub freezing temperatures, blasting any enemies within the room and causing freezing effect if not saved against.
70 cone_silence The cone of silence spell is a powerful malady allowing a wizard to emit a cone of magical silence at enemies in the same room. If they do not save against the spell, they are effectively "silenced" and cannot cast magic spells for a duration.
71 cone_shadow The cone of shadow spell emits a powerful cone of negative damage forth from the casting wizard, damage anyone in the room eligible that is not in the caster's group.
130 consider Syntax: consider The consider command can be used to identify if a potential opponent might be more than a match for you, in order to save some frustration of dying to find out.
166 contradicting_melody Using this ballad, a bard can potentially override the control another player has over a charmed creature. Utilization of a woodwind instrument can increase the duration of the charm.
217 config toggle Syntax: toggle toggle The toggle command will show you every toggleable action on your character, and what it does. Toggle with one of the categories as a parameter, will toggle the category on or off.
254 contagion The contagion spell is a nasty disease-like malediction that causes the victim to have trouble regenerating, as well as causes slight physical damage over time. It is very similar to the plague spell.
289 continual Spell Level: 0 Element: None Classes: Wiz/Dru/Clr Syntax: cast continual light This spell is used by most spellcasters to create a ball of light on the ground that will never extinguish itself. Handy when someone in your party is caught unprepared and their torch goes out.
312 conclave Conclave is a semi secretive clan of wizards who secretly conspire to control all of Aragond, but rarely engage in open acts of war, preferring instead to politically coerce people into their bidding. Although this is true, they are not above combat with their enemies, as they are comprised of some of the most powerful wizards in the realm.
501 condition Condition can be toggled on or off to show or hide item conditions in your inventory and worn equipment. It is important to note that items do wear down over time/use in Aragond, and without proper repair, can become useless (weapons do less damage, armor protects you less, tools work less efficiently, etc). See also: help toggle
513 constitution Ones constitution score is directly correlated with their personal, physical health. This attribute is heavily relied upon when factoring hit point gains, system shock reactions, and situations where your body may be pushed to the limit. Constitution Affects: hit points, psionic points, regeneration
565 confusion Syntax: cast confusion This enchantment confuses your opponent, causing them to at times get lost in battle resulting in either injury to themselves or those around them, friendly or not.
453 cooldowns Cooldowns occur when a skill is used. This simply means that the skill cannot be used again for a certain amount of time. Higher level and more powerful skills and spells will take longer to cooldown. One can see their cooldowns by typing affects.
541 cooking Using the cooking skill, one may create wondrous meals from the food they have on hand, provided they have some sort of a fire nearby. Food comes in handy, especially when youre stuck in the wilderness without any for a length of time....
470 copy Spell Level: 0 Element: None Classes: Wiz Syntax: cast copy Copies the contents of one document to a blank parchment in the casters inventory. This spell works on non-magical parchments and books, but will not copy magical scrolls.
49 corpse_explosion This morbid spell will allow the caster to essentially explode a corpse into a gruesome display of body parts, in hopes to intimidate their enemy. This spell does not deal damage.
258 corpse link With the use of the corpse link spell, the caster is able to link a corpse in their inventory to themselves, allowing them to then leave the corpse behind, so that they can see conversations held in the room they left it in.
307 corsair Corsair, a cavalier band of mercenaries, thieves, cutthroats, and merchants. They rule the seas of Aragond, causing trouble for many merchant ships as they pass. They rarely take a political stance on anything, preferring instead to let coin determine their actions. Because of this, many of Aragonds clans consider them enemies.
93 counterstrike The counterstrike skill is a passive combat ability that allows a player to redirect attacks with their bare hands, causing damage to the attacker instead.
114 counterspell Counterspell is a preventative measure wizards can use to counter the next offensive spell cast their way. This works for one spell then dissipates.
531 counter Counter is a passive skill for melee types that allows them to reverse an attack from their opponent, causing damage instead to their attacker.
706 count The count command displays the number of people (that you can see) logged into the mud. It also displays the highest number observed that day, if it is higher.
9 craftsmanship Craftsmanship is an artificer skill that grants them bonuses when crafting anything from any crafting school. It helps with success rate of creating the item, stats on the item, and when breaking down materials.
145 craft Crafting refers to any of a number of skills which can be used to convert one form of object to another. This covers, blacksmithing, tailoring, woodworking, jewelcrafting, scribing, cooking, alchemy, and brewing. See the helpfile for each of these for more information regarding the subject. Players with crafting skills will be able to track their completed objects using the worth command. Certain races get bonuses to certain crafts, such as: Dwarves: blacksmithing / mining Gnomes: jewelcrafting / mining Elves: tailoring Gnoll/Orc: tanning/skinning
37 create_fire Using this spell, a wizard will create a small magical fire in the room they are in. The duration of the fire ranges from 4 to 8 game hours, and provides ability to cook or camp outside.
165 crescendo When a bard sings in crescendo, their target's spell damage is increased temporarily. Using a brass instrument while singing will increase the duration and modifier of this effect.
240 create_food The create food spell will create a magical mushroom for the spell casters enjoyment. The mushroom will have more food value the higher level the caster is.
288 create_rose Spell Level: 0 Element: None Classes: Wiz/Dru/Clr Syntax: cast create rose Creates a single red rose in the casters hand. This makes for a useful way to get the attention of that young elf that caught your eye.
110 curse The curse spell is a powerful malady can can be cast both on players and objects. When cast on players, it will remove their ability to recall, as well as lower their ability to save against spells and their ability to strike in combat. Casting curse on a drink container filled with water will turn it into unholy water. Casting curse on an object makes it more difficult to enchant, and make it undroppable.
129 curse The curse spell will curse a player or object for an extended period of time. Cursed players cannot recall, and have a lowered ability to save against offensive spells. Cursed objects cannot be dropped, but can be uncursed at a town healer.

-=[ D ]=-

ID Keyword(s) Text
717 daij Daij (die-j) is an evil god whose realm of control lies in darkness and deceit. His only purpose is dealing death, evil, and spreading illness and disease in the world. His constant opponent is Lirannon.
732 damdice A high number of dice makes for less variance in mobiles hitpoints. Suggested values are: Level dice min min mean 1 1d2+0 1 2 2 2 1d2+1 2 3 3 3 1d3+2 3 5 4 5 2d3+2 4 8 6 10 2d5+5 7 15 11 15 3d5+8 11 23 17 20 4d5+10 14 30 22 30 5d6+15 20 45 33 50 5d10+25 30 75 53 Mean is the arithmetic mean. The values in parenthesis are the the standard merc values. (Will be put in when theres time to calculate them...)
141 darkvision Darkvision allows visibility outside of cities and castles at night, and even in some case through magical darkness. The following races naturally have darkvision: revenant, aasimar, tabaxi, lizardman, tiefling.
568 death corpse Death is caused by, well, dying. When you die, you will be transported to the healer in your corresponding hometown. At this point, you will be completely "alive", and do not need to undergo any sort of "ghost" period or resurrection. The penalty for death is a bit of experience loss. Your corpse will be transported to Piety Square (if your hometown is Renfall, or wherever your appropriate hometown designates), where it will await you, free of charge. But beware, your corpse will rot over time, and once it fully rots, your belongings will be free for plunder. After level 20, your corpse will stay where you died. If you die in a room with an aggressive monster, you can have other players push or pull your corpse into an adjoining room. Dying to players can sometimes cause loss of constitution. When ones constitution is reduced low enough, the player stands the risk of his character permanently dying. A character can also die from aging, although this generally takes a very very long time to happen, as a player only ages at the rate of one year per 20 playing hours, and even the shortest lived races, such as half orcs, can live to be sixty or seventy years old. Piety Square from recall is north, north, up, up, north, north.
269 deity_command Syntax: deity
701 delete Use the delete command to erase unwanted characters, so the name will be available for use. This command must be typed twice to delete a character, and you cannot be forced to delete. Typing delete with an argument will return your character to safe status if you change your mind after the first delete.
669 demonfire Syntax: cast demonfire Demonfire is a spell of blackest evil, and as such can only be used by those who follow the paths of darkness. It conjures forth demonic spirits to inflict terrible wounds on the enemies of the caster.
498 description Syntax: description / description edit Using this command, a player may choose to describe their physical appearance to break the uniformity of most adventurers in Aragond. Typing description edit, will allow the player to enter the text editor built into the game, allowing them to edit their likeness to better role play their character in Aragond.
45 detect_traps With this spell active, the caster will be able to detect traps in rooms, on exits, and on objects.
271 detect plants By way of this spell, the caster can sense plants within the area they are in.
287 detect_magic Spell Level: 0 Element: None Classes: Wiz/Dru/Clr Syntax: cast detect magic Places an enchantment on the casters eyes, allowing them to see magical auras around items in the world.
413 detect_magic This spell allows the caster to detect magical auras around objects, that they could normally not see.
528 detect secret This skill allows one to detect secret doors. It works passively, and will show doors as (east) instead of (east).
666 detect good Syntax: cast detect good This spell enables the caster to detect good characters, which will reveal a characteristic golden aura.
186 devotion
276 devote Syntax: devote When in the correct place of worship, a player can devote their religious faith to their deity of choice. See also: help deity, faith, favor
514 dexterity Dexterity is a trait sought for by those who want to be agile, discreet, or a combination of the two. Thieves, monks, and even fighters covet a high dexterity, as it affords them more movement points (some skills are based off of these), and a better ability to dodge. Dexterity also helps one hit another opponent. Dexterity affects: hitroll, armor class, melee crit, # of attacks
430 dig Syntax: dig Digging is a skill of hard labor, that requires the participant wield a shovel of some kind. Some shovels work better than others, and some characters will dig better than others. There is rumored to be ancient treasure chests buried across the world of Aragond, but those are as of yet, unsubstantiated.
620 diku Original game idea, concept, and design: Katja Nyboe [Superwoman] (katz@freja.diku.dk) Tom Madsen [Stormbringer] (noop@freja.diku.dk) Hans Henrik Staerfeldt [God] (bombman@freja.diku.dk) Michael Seifert [Papi] (seifert@freja.diku.dk) Sebastian Hammer [Quinn] (quinn@freja.diku.dk) Developed at: DIKU -- The Department of Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen.
112 dimensional_anchor This malady is used by powerful casters to trap people in the plane they are currently in, thus stranding them outside their home plane.
483 dimensional_mine Once this spell is cast upon an object, the next person to wear or pick up the item is instantaneously transported to the astral plane, assuming they failed the saving throw.
171 dirge_of_dischord The dirge of dischord is a wild arrangement designed to confuse it's target so much that they begin attacking themselves rather than the bard! Using a brass instrument with this spell will increase the duration.
572 directions
648 dirt dirt kicking Consider by some to be a cowardly skill, dirt kicking gives the clever combatant a chance to blind his opponent by casting dirt into his eyes. The blindness does not last long, but can provide an edge in combat. Dexterity helps in hitting or avoiding a dirt kick. Only warriors and thieves may learn this skill.
59 disintegrate Casting this spell on a player will cause medium acid damage and create an acid effect, which can destroy equipment. Casting on an object will destroy it on an unsuccessful saving throw, unless the object is flagged one of the following: indestructible, quest_item, artifact, hardstaff, or shillelagh.
67 disenchant With disenchant, a wizard can wipe any previous enchantments on a piece of equipment, making it a blank slate for further manipulation.
125 dispel_good Dispel good will have no effect on those of evil or neutral alignment, but can utterly destroy good creatures of lower rank, and deal significant damage to those more powerful. This spell can be saved against for half damage. This spell can backfire on those of the same alignment as the spell.
126 dispel_evil Dispel evil will have no effect on those of good or neutral alignment, but can utterly destroy evil creatures of lower rank, and deal significant damage to those more powerful. This spell can be saved against for half damage. This spell can backfire on those of the same alignment as the spell.
164 dissonant_chord Dissonant chord offers protection from both good and evil. It is only able to be sung to the bard themselves, but offers protection again neutral characters as well as longer protection overall if the bard is using a stringed instrument.
263 discipline Syntax: discipline With this command a psionicist is able to see all of their learned disciplines, what spell level they equivalate to, and what percentage they have mastered it to.
266 disguise Syntax: disguise Master assassins have become excellent at the art of disguise, able to make themselves appear as many different creatures in Aragond, utilizing this to zero in on their unsuspecting targets.
471 displacement Spell Level: 5 Type: Illusion Domain: Magic Element: Air The displacement spell is very useful for wizards who wish to avoid taking melee blows in combat...
474 disrupt_undead Spell Level: 1 Type: Necromancy Domain: Necromancy Element: Shadow This spell is useful to both wizards and clerics in a pinch, and can disrupt the physical image of an undead creature residing on the material plane, causing its body to be destroyed, sending the spirit to the abyss.
649 disarm Disarm is a somewhat showy and unreliable skill, designed to relieve your opponent of his weapon. The best possible chance of disarming occurs when you are skilled both your own and your opponents weapon. Only talented thieves and warriors may learn this skill.
667 dispel good Syntax: cast dispel good Dispel good brings forth evil energies that inflict horrific torment on the pure of heart. Good-aligned characters use this dark magic at their peril.
650 dodge In the words of one wise warrior, the best way to block a blow is to not be where it lands. The dodge skill honors this tradition, by improving the characters natural agility to the point where many blows will miss the target. The chance of dodging is also affected by the dexterity of the attacker and the target. Any class may learn dodging.
96 donate Donations are very welcome, and there's a paypal button on the bottom of the website where you can do so. Below is a list of things you can get from donating. When donating, make sure you put the item name, account name, and character name in the donation note. Extended Vault - Double the vault slots on one character with any donation of $1 or higher Magical Canteen - A canteen filled with milk, that never empties, $1 or more
11 dragoon Dragoons are a subclass that can be achieved by either fighters or paladins, given they have the riding skill, and either knowledge in polearms or spears. Their added abilities give them advantage in mounted combat, and include: wheel around, spirited charge, and trample.
131 drafting Drafting is a passive skill that artificers use to plan out their crafting better, enabling them to more efficiently use their materials when crafting objects, allowing them to save up to 20% of materials.
580 drow Stat Modifiers: Wisdom + 1, Constitution - 1 The drow are a race of elves which are inherently evil, though few have been known to walk the path of light. They are ebony in skin tone, and usually have grey or stark white hair. Their build is about the same as a normal elf, but they tend to have a bit more intelligence due to their cunning nature. Being a drow gives you the inherent abilities of sneak, magic detection, and invisibility.
612 druid Primary Stat: Wisdom 2ndary Stat: Constitution Minimum Stats: Wisdom (13) Druids are natures clerics. They tend to dwell in the woods more than the city, and are known to have fairly balanced melee/spell casting abilities. Druids are naturally wary of wizards, due to the arcane nature of the spells they cast, usually in opposition of natures intent. Druids can make excellent healers, damage casters, and even melee competitors.
534 dual wield Syntax: dual Dual wielding is an ability that allows one to wield two weapons, provided the second weighs sufficiently less than the first (one third less), unless the character is size large or greater. Dual wielding two weapons you are proficient or specialized in can give you bonuses to related skills such as parrying. Characters who have taken the ambidexterity boon receive a bonus in regards to dual wielding.
573 duergar Duergar are a race of Dwarves which split off from their above-ground brethren many centuries ago. Shunning the light, they instead chose to make their home in the Underdark, and in the process set about abanodoning most of the customs and cultures of their kin. Most Duergar resemble Dwarves in stature, though their skin pigments vary significantly. Like their surface kin, they excell at mining, and have full use of the infrared spectrum for low-light sight. Like any Dwarf, they are prone to fits of rage when angered in combat, and thus gain free use of the berserk skill.
632 dwarf dwarves Dwarves are short, stocky demi-humans, known for foul temper and great stamina. Dwarves have high strength and constitution, but poor dexterity. They are not as smart as humans, but are usually wiser due to their long lifespans. Dwarves make excellent fighters and priests, but are very poor mages or thieves. Dwarves are very resistant to poison and disease, but cannot swim, and so are very vulnerable to drowning. They recieve the berserk skill for free (if warriors), and can see in the dark with infravision. Dwarves are known to excel at mining and blacksmithing, and have a natural affinity towards sharpening objects.
134 dye Players can create dyes by grinding different herbs into a mortar and pestel. Those with herbalism can use the the forage list command to see which colors herbs can produce.

-=[ E ]=-

ID Keyword(s) Text
36 earthquake The earthquake spell is a powerful elemental invocation that shakes the ground violently beneath all eligible opponents in the room. This causes medium to high earth damage to each person hit, and has a 50% chance to knock them to the ground and daze them for one combat round. People affected by flying/levitate are not affected by earthquake, while those with feather fall do not take damage, but can still be knocked to the ground and dazed.
275 earclap Syntax: earclap The adventurer swiftly claps his/her hands over their opponents ears, causing ringing damage and possibly dazing them.
488 earth_ward Spell Level: 4 Type: Divination Domain: Magic Element: Earth Earth ward is a powerful cleric/druid spell that allows one to remove traps from every item in the surrounding area of the caster.
451 eat drink hunger thirst food hungry thirsty The EAT command is used to consume an edible item held in your inventory; be it food or other items classified as such. Eating will typically eliminate the HUNGER status. If one does not eat for a sufficient time, they will become affected by starvation, which lowers strength over time. Syntax: eat The DRINK command is used to drink from either a fountain with appropriate contents, from a filled container in a players inventory, or even from a nearby natural water source, such as a river or lake. Drinking an appropriate liquid will typically eliminate the THIRSTY status. If one does not drink for a sufficient time, they will become affected by dehydration, which lowers dexterity over time. Syntax: drink Syntax: drink Note: drink will not consume potions, for that see help quaff See alse: help pour, fill, autoeat, autodrink
40 elemental_vulnerability Elemental vulnerability is a malady that can be placed upon a target to inflict 10% more lightning, fire, cold, air, water, and earth based damage for a duration.
41 elemental_protection This wizard abjuration reduces damage from lightning, fire, cold, air, earth, and water based attacks by 10% for a duration. Players affected can see the results using the vuln command.
633 elf elves Stat Modifiers: Wisdom + 1, Constitution - 1 Elves are a shorter version of humans, with a much lighter build. They lack the strength and stamina of the other races, but are for more agile, both in body and mind. Elves are superb mages and thieves, but have at best fair talent as warriors or priests. Elves resist charm spells most effectively, due to their magical nature. However, they are burned by the touch of iron, and so are barred from the use of iron or steel in their adventuring careers. Elves are notoriously hard to spot, and so elven warriors and thieves recieve the sneak and hiding automatically. They may see in the dark with infravision.
578 embalm The embalm spell was crafted many centuries ago by an ambitious necromancer who wanted more efficiency out of his zombies. Carrying around their corpses turned out to be much to heavy, so he invented the embalm spell, which does just that to a corpse, allowing the mage/necromancer in question great ease when transporting their corpses.
294 emote Syntax: emote Example: emote raises an eyebrow at you. Output: Upro raises an eyebrow at you. This will show to everyone in the room with you.
8 endurance Endurance is a passive skill that allows movement usage consumed by travelling to be divided in half when successful.
22 energy_drain An unsuccessful saving throw against this deadly spell can draw life from the target and return it to the caster, dealing a decent amount of damage.
23 energy_breath A dragon or high level wizard using this spell will wreak untold energy damage upon a roomful of eligible targets.
593 energy blast Syntax: energy An energy blast is a powerful ki produced ability that monks may learn throughout their arduous training. A monk must first store enough ki to release the blast, using the channel ability, then once he has stored enough, he may release it in the form of a damaging blast.
576 engage Syntax: engage The engage skill is useful for switching targets in combat. Most tanks will want to use this skill often to save party members from being destroyed by minions in a boss fight.
220 enhanced_mining This passive skill affords the artificer with improved mining speed, probability, and yield.
651 enhanced damage Warriors and skilled thieves can become skilled enough in combat that they are able to inflict more damage than other classes. Enhanced damage is checked for with each hit, although with a low skill, the chance of receiving a bonus is very low indeed.
255 enlarge_person enlarge The enlarge spell allows a wizard to grant himself one greater size category than he normally is for the duration of the spell. This can be useful in combat in many ways.
74 entangle The entangle spell is a druid exclusive malady, hampering the movement of the target and temporarily lowering their dexterity and maximum moves.
442 enter go Using either enter or go, one can pass through a magical portal.
652 envenom The envenom skill is a cowardly skill practiced only by thieves, designed to win a battle through alchemy and treachery rather than skill or strength. Or, put another way, its a skill used by the smart to kill the foolish. Food, drink, and weapons may be envenomed, with varying effects. Poisoned food or drink puts a mild poison spell on the consumer, and is unlikely to be more than a minor inconvience (after all, the typical adventurer could drink sewer water with only a trace of the runs). A poisoned weapon, on the other hand, can inflict serious damage on an opponent as the poison burns through his bloodstream. But be careful, blade venom evaporates quickly and is rendered almost powerless by repeated blows in combat.
213 eqscore This is how the game determines your eqscore: ability scores/saves/ac = 1:1 ratio hp/mana/moves/pp = 1:5 ratio hr/dr/spelldam/pd/md = 1:4 ratio crit/sp crit = 1:6 ratio each weapon flag = 5 points. Add all these up and multiply by 100.
190 equipment Syntax: equipment Displays all your currently equipped items as well as all the potential equipment slots of your character.
286 erase Spell Level: 0 Element: None Classes: Wiz Syntax: cast erase Erases the text from a scroll, book, tome, or parchment in the casters inventory, removing the spell and destroying the object in the process.
314 erase Spell Level: 1 Type : Transmutation Domain : N/A Element : N/A By means of the erase spell, a wizard may remove text from scrolls, books, tomes, and parchment.
57 etherealness Wizards casting this spell can transport themself to the ethereal plane, though no charms, pets, mounts, or groupmates will follow.
595 evasion Evasion is a passive monk skill that allows him/her to avoid incoming attacks totally. This is something done with great finesse, and requires the monk to have excellent dexterity.
223 examine Syntax: examine Players can utilize the examine command to target objects, NPCs, other players, an even themselves! See also: help look, where, scan, score
243 exdesc Syntax: ed add [keyword] ed delete [keyword] ed edit [keyword] ed format [keyword]
727 exit For exits, type the direction (north/s/e/w) followed by: dig - creates the room and makes a two way link link - make a two way link room - make a one way link (use with caution) key - makes specified object the vnum of the key required name - makes the doors name/keywords = to the given name desc - edit the description of the exit delete - delete this exit - type ? EXIT for a list(make exit door, locked etc.) The exit flags are presented in the following manner. The capitalized flags are ones not included in the reset info. i.e. closed is due to a player closing the door and not due to the door being set to be closed. -South to [ 3744] Key: [ -1] Exit flags: [door CLOSED bashed pickproof]
79 expertise Expertise is a way for fighters to improve the damage they can inflict with particular weapons. Fighters will begin with one point of expertise to spend, and gain 1 at every 5th level thereafter. Thus, a multiclassed fighter/xxxx will have a total of 6 expertise points to spend, whereas a solo classed fighter will end up with 9, and a multiclassed xxxx/fighter will get a total of 3, as they will lose the starting one. There are three tiers of expertise per weapon type, and the damage increase from each tier is cumulative. The first two tiers both provide 5%, and the third provides and additional 10%, for a maximum bonus of +20% damage.
317 explore Syntax: explored This command will show you basic information regarding how many rooms you have explored, as well as experience information. See also: help experience
509 experience Syntax: experience - display experience/explored info. experience [on|off primary|secondary] - toggle exp gaining options. Experience points earned advance an adventurer in level over time. They double every level until level 11. After that, it increases incrementally. The hardest level is from 10-11. Multiclassing splits your experience earned in half, but this can be toggled with the proper arguments. Things that can give you experience: - killing creatures - exploring new rooms - skill increases (not practicing) - spell increases (not practicing) - hearing languages that you dont have at 100% - learning spells from scrolls - mining - digging - foraging - scribing - skinning - tanning - crafting - farming (agriculture) - completing NPC quests - learning new languages - learning new skills/spells - fishing - harvesting fruit/nuts from trees - cooking - creating metal alloys - creating woven fabrics
566 extension Syntax: cast extension This meta-magic spell allows mages to extend the duration of both their benefecial and harmful spells. It must be enacted prior to using the spells you wish to extend.

-=[ F ]=-

ID Keyword(s) Text
117 faerie_fire This spell will surround the target with a faint pink outline, lowering their armor class and making them an easier target to attack.
245 faith Faith is accumulated through various acts of piety shown to ones deity. The most common way to accumulate faith is through the sacrifice command. Faith points can be spent to gain favors from ones deity, as well as specialized equipment.
4 farm Syntax: farm The farm command is an extension of the agriculture skill, and can be used to see the various information on herbs that exist within Aragond.
683 farsight Syntax: cast farsight cast farsight The farsight spell expands the casters consciousness, allowing him or her to see far away beings like they were in the same room. It takes intense concentration, often leaving the caster helpless for several minutes. The spell may be used for a general scan that reaches a short distance in all directions, or with a directional component to see creatures much farther away.
659 fast healing The fast healing skill improves healing and movement recovery while resting or sleeping. It represents knowledge of healing herbs or just general toughness and stamina. Fast healing is checked every tick, and it is possible for it to fail. All class may learn this skill, but mages find it very difficult to master, due to their bookish lifestyle.
246 favor Favors can be obtained through ones deity in exchange for faith points. Favors vary from deity to deity, and can be quite powerful or benevolent, depending on the deity.
502 favored
63 feather_fall Players affected by feather fall do not take falling damage when encountering pits and such throughout the game. Feather fall also prevents damage from being tripped (but not the actual tripping itself).
551 fear Syntax: cast fear This spell invades your opponents psyche, probing for their deepest fears and then unleashing them before their very eyes. Such an act will induce an immediate urge to get as far away from this terror as possible, resulting in the target fleeing.
569 feeblemind Syntax: cast feeblemind This spell wreaks havoc on its targets mind. The end result of the affliction is a temporary loss of intelligence and the deplenishing of magical reserves.
641 fighter Primary Stat: Strength 2ndary Stat: Constitution Minimum Stats: Strength (10) Fighters are the melee meat of Aragond. They are usually powerful warriors and have capability with every weapon available. Fighters have a fairly wide array of melee and non combat skills, and are the backbone of any adventuring group. Fighters rely mainly on strength and constitution, though having a good dexterity score will not hurt. They have no bulk restrictions concerning armor, and can wear a maximum bulk of 50. Fighters get a weapon specialization upon creation, and also gain expertise as they level.
487 finger_death Spell Level: 9 Type: Necromancy Domain: Magic Element: Shadow Finger of death is a very powerful necromantic spell that can reduce an opponent to 25% of their current health in a single blow.
525 find trap An adventurers ability to find traps is sometimes crucial to his/her survival during campaigns. This skill is passive and will show a flag next to the trapped object when detected.
17 fire_storm Fire storm is a wizard spell designed to cause medium to high damage to all eligible opponents within a room. Those outside and awake in the same area will see sparks flashing in the sky as the spell effect occurs.
27 fire_breath A dragon or high level wizard using this spell will wreak untold fire damage upon a roomful of eligible targets, with a strong chance to apply the fire effect on each, which can burn items or blind them temporarily.
481 fireball Spell Level: 5 Type: Evocation Domain: Magic Element: Fire Fireball is a potent wizard spell which releases a powerful blast of fire from the outstretched hand of the caster, burning its target with elemental fury.
526 first aid bandage bleeding blood Syntax: bandage The first aid skill is useful to most adventurers in the land, allowing them to bandage themselves when bleeding. Characters lose hp over time when they bleed, and cannot recover by normal conventions (sleeping, resting). Characters without the first aid skill can still bandage themselves, but far less successfully. You can die from bleeding/bloodloss.
557 fire seeds Syntax: cast fire seeds This spells allows the caster to imbue a few seeds or other natural objects with explosive kinetic energy. When these charged objects make contact with a foe they result in an explosion of flames and force, both of which are highly damaging.
686 fireproof Spell Level: 0 Element: None Classes: Wiz/Dru/Clr Syntax: cast fireproof Enchants the target item to be immune to fire and acid damage, as well as protects it from the Heat Metal spell, for a short period of time. Its short duration makes it impractical to maintain on a large quantity of items at once.
239 fish fishing Fishing is a skill usable by all as a means of gathering food to cook. You must posess knowledge of the skill, a fishing pole, and some bait in order to use this skill. You also must either be on a docks/shoreline to fish. There are almost 40 species of fish that can be caught, and you can fish up other interesting things as well, so be prepared. There are fresh and salt water fish, and most salt water fish will be very large. Very large fish will test your strength as well as that of your fishing pole. Fish can get large enough to rip the pole straight from your hands. Beware of this. They can also break your pole if large enough. Usage of your pole will also wear down its condition, reducing its effectiveness, and eventually causing it to break. Bait is taken from your inventory the moment you cast your line into the water. It is then "attached" to the pole. A fish can take your bait and leave you high and dry occasionally. You lose your bait on a successful catch or if you quit while reeling a fish in. Fishing poles have different strength levels, which represent how many pounds of fish multiplied by 10 that they can handle. Trying fish beyond this capacity will result in a broken pole. To initiate fishing: fish cast (bait name) To stop fishing: fish reel Pole modifications: Magic Flag +100 lbs. Bless Flag +50 lbs. Curse Flag -100 lbs. Note: You can use the chum command to create your own bait.
137 flaming_forge The flaming forge spell will permanently enchant a weapon to deal additional fire damage during combat, as well as giving a chance for blinding one's opponent with smoke temporarily.
547 flame arrow Syntax: cast flame arrow This spells conjures forth, and subsequently fires, a flaming arrow at your target.
116 fletching Players with the fletching skill can create arrows using either woodworking or blacksmithing.
296 flee Syntax: flee The flee command can keep the wary adventurer alive during times of high peril and imminent death. See also: help wimpy
685 floating disc Syntax: cast floating disc This useful spell creates a floating field of force which follows the caser around, allowing him or her to pile treasure high with no fear of weight penalties. It lasts no more than twice the casters level in hours, and usually less. It can hold 10 pounds per level of the caster, with a maximum of five pounds per item. The spell requires an open float location on the character, and the only way to remove the disc is to die or allow it to run out of energy.
437 fly Syntax: fly This skill is exclusive to the Aarakocra, a race of bird like creatures who inhabit this plane. It allows them to ride the air, for as long as necessary, as their wings are incredibly powerful.
480 fly Spell Level: 3 Type: Transportation Domain: Magic Element: Air the fly spell is useful for wizards who are travelling great distances, as it saves them quite a bit of energy during travel. It also provides immunity to any forms of ground attacks, and may be dispelled at any time by the wizard using the land command.
594 focus Syntax: focus When a monk is sufficiently trained, he/she may learn how to channel ki energy into their body, storing it for later use. This process is time consuming, and requires heavy concentration, barring its use during combat. A monk may accumulate as much ki as he has experience levels at maximum. This means a level 40 monk will be able to gather 40 ki at once. See also: help body attunement
184 follow Syntax: follow The follow command allows you to follow whichever player or npc you like. You must be following someone for them to be able to add you to their group. See also: help group, nofollow
64 forbiddance A wizard casting a forbiddance spell successfully, will find the area they are currently in is now temporarily effectively disabled from inter planer travel.
163 forgetful_lullaby This ballad is a powerful song that bards can use to weaken their opponent's ability to cast spells. This makes it particularly useful when fighting wizards and clerics. Wearing a stringed instrument can amplify these effects.
505 forums forum Our forums can be found at: http://www.aragond.com/forum/phpBB3/index.php
584 foraging Syntax: forage Use of this skill will allow the player to carefully retrieve herbs found in the wild, without damaging their potentially magical properties.
625 forage Syntax: forage Syntax: forage The use of this skill has a chance of providing the user with an herb, depending on where he/she is, how proficient they are with the skill, and some other factors. One must learn the herbalism skill before being able to properly forage.
115 free_action The free action spell will remove any and all movement impairing effects on the intended target. This includes slow, paralyzation, entanglement, and web.
675 frenzy Syntax: cast frenzy The frenzy spell fills the target with righteous fury, greatly increasing his or her attack skill and damaging capacity. Unfortunately, this divine wrath is coupled with a tendency to ignore threats to personal safety, making the character easier to hit. Frenzy provides immunity to the calm spell (see help calm), and may only be used on those of the casters alignment.
62 frostbite Frostbite is a low to medium damage combat spell that also applies negative strength and dexterity temporarily to the target.
65 frostbolt Wizards casting a frostbolt will send out a solid cylinder of packed ice, sharpened at the tip, which impacts the target with a large amount of freezing damage.
138 frost_forge Frost forge will enchant a weapon to chill those that it injures, dealing additional cold damage in combat.
546 frost arrow Syntax: cast frost arrow This spells conjures forth, and subsequently fires, a freezing arrow at your target.
555 frost breath Syntax: cast frost breath Calling forth the same magics a White or Silver dragon would when summoning their breath weapon, the wizard casting this spell is for a short time capable of the same level death and destruction.

-=[ G ]=-

ID Keyword(s) Text
712 gain The gain command is used to learn new skills, once the proper trainer has been found. The following options can be used with gain: gain list: lists all skills and spells that can be learned (limited by guildrank). gain skill: lists only skills available for learning (no spells). gain spell: lists only spells available for learning (no skills). gain : add a skill or skill group, at the listed cost gain convert: turn 10 practices into 1 train (cost is 10 gold x level of player, better to do this early). gain revert: turn 1 train into 10 practices. gain forget: forget a spell/prayer/discipline. Returns trains but not practices. Cost is 3x gold X level. Gain uses training sessions, not practices. (see help train) Gaining new spells and skills does not raise your needed experience to level, however, will result in a pretty sweet experience gain! See also: help guildrank, guildpoints
178 gameinfo Syntax: gameinfo gameinfo fish gameinfo god gameinfo crafting Gameinfo is a command that will show you various bits of information about the game, from top questor, to worst pvp player, and more.
267 garrote Syntax: garrote Utilizing this skill, assassins are able to cut the heads off of their victims while they sleep, making their job much easier.
28 gas_breath A dragon or high level wizard using this spell will wreak untold poison damage upon a roomful of eligible targets, with a strong chance to poison them in the process.
77 gaseous_form Gaseous form is a wizard spell similar to pass door, with a couple of tweaks. When in gaseous form, a player can pass through a door that has wall of force cast upon it. It is the only way in the game to pass a wall of force short of dispelling it. Gaseous form also performs all of the standard effects of pass door, but as you are a mist, you are unaffected by doors with NO_PASS flags, since you can find even the tiniest nook or cranny to squeeze into.
707 gate The gate spell is a powerful transportation magic that opens up a portal between your character and another person or creature somewhere else in the world. This portal will transport you and any pet you might have, but not other members of your group. Monsters recieve a save against gate, and monster or players more than 3 levels higher than you can not be gated to at all. God rooms, private rooms, and no recall rooms cannot be gated to, and no recall rooms cannot be gated out of. Finally, any god or hero is also immune to gate, as well as in player who has no summon set. Clan members may not be gated to except by their fellow Clan members.
490 geyser Spell Level: 4 Type: Evocation Domain: Magic Element: Water The geyser spell is used to damage opponents with drowning damage. It is said to be more useful when the caster is near water...
43 ghoul_touch Ghoul touch is a touch based spell (meaning you much be either flanking or in the front of the group to use it) which does low negative damage but also drains life from the opponent.
635 giant giants Giants are the largest of the races, ranging from 9-12 feet in height. They are stronger than any other race, and almost as durable as the dwarves. They arent too bright, however, and their huge size makes them more clumsy than the other races. Giants make the best warriors of any race, but are ill-suited for any other profession. Giants resist heat and cold with nary a mark, due to their huge mass. However, their slow minds make them extremely vulnerable to mental attacks. Giants, due to their size and stamina, receive the fast healing and bash skills for free. (Only giant warriors recive bash).
681 giant strength Syntax: cast giant strength This spell increases the strength of the target character.
277 githyanki Stat Modifiers: None
278 githzerai Stat Modifiers: None
297 give Syntax: For coins: give gold|silver For equipment: give For multiples: give 10* (this would give ten of the item) For materials: give mat Note, you can give silver coins to bankers to exchange for gold, this uses the same syntax as above.
35 globe_invulnerability Once cast, the wizard is surrounded by a magical globe of invulnerability, protecting them from all physical harm (not magical, see antimagic shell). The spell requires a small amount of mana every few seconds, and runs out when the caster runs out of mana or casts any other spell.
462 gnoll Stat Modifiers: Strength + 2, Constitution + 1, Charisma - 1, Intelligence - 2 Gnolls are a proud race of dog-like humanoids who travel in packs, or sometimes more organized tribes. They are very skilled warriors, having both excellent agility as well as a powerful muscular build. They have an excellent sense of smell, giving them a small bonus when tracking their enemies. Gnolls are known to be clerics and thieves as well, but hardly ever has one been spotted wearing a wizards cap. Gnolls are proficient skinners and butchers.
606 gnome Stat Modifiers: Wisdom - 1, Intelligence + 2, Dexterity - 1 Gnomes are close cousins to the dwarves, and are accustomed to caves, mountains, and underground areas. They generally have beady eyes and come to anywhere from two to three feet in height. Gnomes are very sturdy, just like their dwarven cousins, and as such they receive a bonus to their constitution. They are also known to be wise beyond most races, and thus their clerics are known to be powerful. Gnomes are well suited for most any class save for monk, where they tend to be far too clumsy to be of any competence.
603 god gods deity deities The Gods of Aragond are listed below: god of combat Maelik god of magic Omari god of balance Nelenwe god of chaos Nefyr god of light Lirannon god of dark Daij god of discipline Aziel god of nature Andora god of luck/fortune Jopha Each god has his/her own helpfile. See also: help faith, favor, devote
205 gold silver copper money There are 3 basic types of currency on Aragond: gold, silver, and copper. 10 copper = 1 silver 10 silver = 1 gold See also: help bank, help vault
133 gore Gore is a mid round combat skill that is only available naturally for the following races: minotaur, bugbear, loxodon.
173 gossip Syntax: gossip Gossip is a global in character communication channel, used for role play purposes explicitly.
585 grank Syntax: grank When in a group, you can configure the formation by using this command. When in the front, you will tend to be attacked more by aggressive monsters, but while in the back, you will take slightly less melee damage. Flanking the group provides easier access to hit the enemy.
405 group Syntax: group group group The group command is used to show you who is in your group, basic info about them, and can be used to change your position within the group. Grouping with other players will increase experience yields, but too many people in the group will even it out. The function that performs this does not take NPCs such as pets, mounts, or charms into account. See also: gtell, follow
249 gtell Syntax: gtell (or ; for short) Gtell is used to communicate to only those within your group. It is largely considered an OOC channel. See also: help group
304 guardian Clan Guardian considers itself the protectors of all the realms of Aragond, and will pursue their enemies with great vigor in order to dole out their version of vengeance. Many of clan Guardian are comprised of fighters, paladins, and clerics, but they are known to take in others with good intent. They are always fiercely at war with clan Ravager, and will typically attack on sight.
298 guildpoints Guildpoints are used to gain guildranks within ones particular guild, in order to gain access to all of the skills and spells their guildmaster can teach them. They can currently be gained through practicing skills, gaining new skills, and using the gain convert command. Rank: Points: Initiate 0 - 99 Apprentice 100 - 299 Member 300 - 899 Officer 900 - 9999 Master 10,000+ See also: help gain, help guildrank, help challenge.
745 guild guildranks Guild ranks are a class based ranking system that is tied into your guild. Each character has guild points, which they earn by completing guild quests. Each guild rank requires a certain amount of accumulated guild points, and can open accessibility to new skills and spells. Some skills cannot be attained without gaining a certain amount of exposure within ones guild, and even the skill or spell may require some sort of prerequisite in order to learn. Se also: help guildpoints, help challenge.
549 gust of wind Syntax: cast gust of wind This spell calls up a huge gust of wind powerful enough to send even the largest creatures flying. Damage is caused not by the gust itself, but by the target coliding into surrounding objects.

-=[ H ]=-

ID Keyword(s) Text
661 haggle haggling Haggling is an indispensable skill to the trader. It allows a character to match wits with a merchant, seeking to get a better price for merchandise, or to buy at the lowest possible cost. Unfortunately, most merchants are already very skilled at haggling, so the untrained adventurer had best guard his treasure closely. Thieves are natural masters at haggling, although other classes may learn it as well.
604 half_elf Half-Elves are born of a relationship between a Human and Elf. They are usualy slightly larger than Elves, though not quite as larger as some of the larger Humans of the land. Like Half-Ogres, but to a smaller extent, Half-Elves can have difficulty finding their place among either of their parent cultures, and because of this many tend to walk a more loner-orientated path. They retain the ability to see in the infrared spectrum like their Elven parents, but do not gain any other of their inherent abilities. Half elves gain a point of wisdom, but lose a point of constitution.
607 halfling Stat Modifiers: Strength - 1, Dexterity + 2, Wisdom - 1 Halflings resemble humans in almost every way, with their main difference being their height. Halflings are on average, about three feet tall, and tend to be more on the portly side, as theyre well known for having six meals a day. Halflings are very dextrous creatures, and gain a bonus to this statistic, making them excellent choices for thieves. Halflings are also known to be fairly decent clerics.
527 hand parry The ability to parry weapons and fists with ones own hands is an impressive one, and few have mastered it. This skill is seen mostly with monks, though there have been records of fighters and even rangers using hand to hand combat in some instances.
653 hand_to_hand unarmed Hand to hand combat is a rare skill in the lands of Aragond. Learning this style of fighting gives the player a weapon even when disarmed -- bare hands. Trained hand to hand experts are far more effective than many swordsmen. Clerics and warriors are the best at this skill, although thieves and mages may also learn it.
421 hapkido Hapkido is a passive skill that druids or monks can use to increase their efficacy in combat, particularly on offense. The skill can sometimes afford the player an extra attack during a round of combat. Hapkido will not trigger unless wielding a weapon, this is an important thing to note for monks.
95 harm The harm prayer will allow a cleric to inflict severe damage upon their opponent, equivalent to the opposite of a heal. Casting harm at an undead creature will restore it's health, rather than harm it.
162 harmonic_chorus The harmonic chorus will catch the attention of the bard's entire group, giving them all a bonus spell casting level. Using a percussion instrument will prolong the benefits of this ballad.
291 harvest Syntax: harvest (plant) Characters using this command can harvest plants they have seeded. This has a small chance to give them seeds from the plant as well as multiple portions of the plant, depending on how mature it was when it was harvested. Players can also use the harvest command to gather fruits and nuts from trees. This requires no auxiliary skill, but does take time. Trees slowly make more fruits/nuts during the spring/summer. Additionally, harvesting is how coral is collected from the oceanfloor. See also: help pour, help bury, help agriculture
308 harper The Harpers are a clan devoted to the preservation of the history of Aragond, no matter how drunkely addled it may be. Many bards make up this clan, but they have been known to accept many different types of adventurers over the years. They tend to maintain a particularly neutral position in political affairs.
485 hardstaff Spell Level: 4 Type: Transmutation Domain: Magic Element: Earth When a wizard casts hardstaff on his staff, it becomes impervious to any sort of damage from burning or acid attacks, which can be very useful, depending on what one runs into in the wilderness. Hardstaff also relieves damage to the weapon from combat.
233 haste
677 haste Syntax: cast haste The haste spell increases the speed and agility of the recipient, allowing an extra attack (or even a backstab) in combat, and improving evasive abilities in combat. However, it produces a great strain on the system, such that recuperative abilities are halved. Haste is capable of negating the slow spell. (see help slow).
673 heat metal Syntax: cast heat metal Heat metal is a powerful clerical attack spell, with effects that vary according to the armor of the victim. It heats up the metal equipment (assumed to be all weapons and armor at this point in time) on the target, causing him or her to drop them if possible, taking serious burns in the process (possibly fatal if the equipment is too heavy to remove easily). This spell does no damage to creatures who are immune to fire.
702 healer The healer decided to grab a quick buck, and now charges for his heals. Some services are still free to players of level 10 or below, however. To see a full listing of the healers services, type heal at his residence. To receive healing, bring plenty of money, and type heal .
12 help_test
624 herbalism When one has the skill of herbalism, they are more readily able to identify different plants with meta-magical properties. Herbalism also helps the adventurer in the alchemy field, and can produce better results.. Herbalism is a passive skill that the game uses without you entering any commands. See also: help forage, harvest
658 hide sneak Hide and sneak are similar skills, both related to remaining undetected. Hide has a very high chance of success, but only works for as long as the character remains stationary. Sneak may be used when moving (including to sneak by monsters), but has a lower chance of success. Only warriors and thieves may learn these skills.
507 history Syntax: history The history command displays in character information about the history of a particular area in question. It also displays the current faction of said area.
416 hitroll to_hit Hitroll (or To-hit), gives a character or mobile a better chance to hit its target. In combat, you roll a 1d20, add your To-hit, and measure it against your opponents AC (armor_class). If the result is greater than their armor class, you have a successful hit. Equipment, dexterity, skills and spells can all affect ones to-hit rating, which can be seen in the score command. See also: help armor_class, melee_dam, melee_crit, phys_def, bulk
730 hitdice A high number of dice makes for less variance in mobiles hitpoints. Suggested values are: level: dice min max mean 1: 1d2+6 7( 7) 8( 8) 8( 8) 2: 1d3+15 16( 15) 18( 18) 17( 17) 3: 1d6+24 25( 24) 30( 30) 27( 27) 5: 1d17+42 43( 42) 59( 59) 51( 51) 10: 3d22+96 99( 95) 162( 162) 131( 129) 15: 5d30+161 166(159) 311( 311) 239( 235) 30: 10d61+416 426(419) 1026(1026) 726( 723) 50: 10d169+920 930(923) 2610(2610) 1770(1767) Diff = max - min. Mean is the arithmetic mean. The values in parenthesis are the the standard merc values.
181 hlist Syntax: hlist hlist <##> (return helps of a specific level) hlist (return helps with search term in keyword/text) hlist (returns list of helpfiles starting with that letter) Hlist allows you to see a list of helpfiles based on the criteria given. If none are given, the hlist command will show you all helpfiles in game.
185 hold Syntax: hold The hold command will attempt to hold whatever the specified item is.
228 holy_forge A paladin of true faith is capable of channeling pure divinity from his deity into his own weapon, giving it additional powers of light. This is an irreversible action, and can sometimes render the weapon useless, upon failure.
674 holy_word Syntax: cast 'holy word' Holy word involves the invocation of the full power of a clerics god, with disasterous effects upon the enemies of the priest coupled with powerful blessings on the priests allies. All creatures of like alignment in the room are blessed and filled with righteous divine wrath, while those of opposite morals (or both good and evil in the case of neutral priests) are struck down by holy (or unholy might) and cursed. The cleric suffers greatly from the strain of this spell, being left unable to move and drained of vitality.
634 human humans man Humans are the most prominent race in all of Aragond, and they make up the majority of intelligent life on the planet. They are generally any- where from 5 to 7 feet tall, and do not receive bonuses to any stats. Humans tend to excel in every class, though have none that they are truly masters of.
161 hymn_to_the_fallen Hymn to the fallen is a very powerful ballad that will not only increase the damage of all party members, but will also reduce damage and hitroll of all others in the room (if able). Using a percussion instrument will amplify the affects as well.
160 hypnotic_verse Hypnotic verse can be used to charm mobiles and players to do the bard's bidding. The melody of the song is so beautiful that they begin to follow the bard's orders upon hearing it. Using a woodwind instrument will extend the duration on other players.

-=[ I ]=-

ID Keyword(s) Text
42 ice_storm Ice storm is a wizard spell designed to cause medium to high damage to all eligible opponents within a room. If cast while snowing or hailing, damage is doubled for this spell. Those outside and awake in the same area will hear whipping wind as the spell effect occurs.
412 identify Utilization of the identify spell will reveal important details about an object to the caster, such as the material it is made from, any magical effects and enchantments, and how it can be used.
195 illithid Stat Modifiers: +2 Mag Def Illithids are the reclusive children of Daij, humanoid creatures living in the depths of the underdark and conspiring in the schemes of their dark lord. Roughly humanoid in stature and shape, they are distinguished by a slick, almost elastic skin, and have grotesque tentacles where their mouthes should be. Illithids are competent magic users and have a good predisposition towards psionic abilities.
519 imbue Imbue has two functions. First, it can imbue a weapon or piece of armor with a random enchantment. Secondly, it can be used to imbue a blank figurine with a spell that you already know, and have mastered to a certain percentage (75%).
47 immolation Immolation is a damage over time spell that inflicts magical fire damage upon the victim every 10 real seconds.
691 immortal immort imm Immortal (often, simply, immort) refers to players who have reached the highest attainable levels in the game. Here, anyone of level 52 or higher is an immortal. Immortals are capable of exceeding the usual game rules, in more drastic and pervasive ways as levels increase; examples range from teleportation and invisibility to mortal sight to creation of objects, removal of a players privileges (channels, ability to move, or even ability to log in), and ability to promote players to immortality. Since immortals can wreak havoc with game balance, they are (ideally) a carefully-chosen and policed group. An absolute rule of immortal behavior is that no immortal can aid or assist any player without explicit permission from the higher ranks; in other words, please dont ask an immortal to help you kill a mob, gather EQ, etc, or youll likely be either politely or rudely refused, or referred to this file. The duties of immortals, and even the very reasons for their existence, are topics of continual and heated debate in various MUD forums, and are fraught with misconceptions, poor examples, and outrageous hypocrisies. :)
511 imotd Thank you for your time as an immortal here, your hard work is highly appreciated. [Hit Return to Continue]
159 improvisation Improvisation is an excellent offensive song for the bard, doing either sound, energy, or charm damage. Wearing a brass instrument will improve sound damage, woodwinds improve energy damage, and stringed instruments improve charm damage.
140 infravision Infravision allows one to see outlines of creatures when they have no light source outside of cities and towns. The following races are naturally imbued with infravision: elf, dwarf, half elf, halfling, gnome, duergar, drow, minotaur, nymph, githyanki, githzerai, naga, lich, drider, illithid.
158 infernal_threnody Infernal threnody allows the bard to strip themselves or their target of all bonuses and maluses.
250 inlay Syntax: inlay Syntax: inlay remove Syntax: inlay effect Players with this skill can inlay socket_gems and socket_runes into weapons and armor, or remove already socketed gems/runes. See also: help socket_gem, socket_rune, jewelcrafting
198 inquisitor The inquisitor is a subclass of the paladin, and one that completely distrusts and abhors magic. The inquisitor will go to any lengths to avoid grouping with wizards, and has an array of abilities that allow them to be perhaps the most efficient mage killer in the land. Inquisitors require 16 wisdom and 17 constitution. Inquisitors come with a variety of abilities: detect magic, spell absorption, aura of salvation, and aura of silence
157 insidious_chord Insidious chord is a powerful song that causes physical damage to the target. This song will not cause harm to anyone in the room but the target.
234 instrument brass stringed percussion woodwind Musical instruments are the tools of bards, giving them extended abilities beyond their normal singing voice. Some bard songs require specific instruments for the magic to function properly, others merely see a boost when the correct instrument is utilized. There are four classes of instruments: brass, woodwind, stringed, or percussion.
516 intelligence Intelligence is a measure of your characters wits and his ability to adapt to his surroundings. Wizards and the like generally want to have higher intelligence because it allows them to cast spells better and learn them easier. Intelligence also helps ones mana pool. Having a high intelligence helps learn new languages. Intelligence Affects: chance to learn spells from scrolls, mana per level, spell damage/crit, practicing
118 invisibility This spell makes the target invisible to those who are not affected by detect invis. Invisibility can be removed at will by typing vis, or by getting into combat.
191 inventory Syntax: inventory Displays the items you are currently carrying in your inventory and that are not equipped (see equipment for equipped items). The maximum weight and maximum number of items you can carry are displayed as well.
599 iron skin Iron skin is a passive skill available for monks that allows them to ignore certain attacks as if they never happened. The monks body is a very highly trained thing, and can take more punishment than usual.
600 iron will Iron will is a passive skill for monks that helps them stay alive even when they are extremely close to death. This skill relies on a monks constitution score, and so long as the monks iron will holds out, he will stay alive.
601 iron fist Iron fist is a passive monk skill that gives the monk in question a bit more power per punch. It can be learned as an initiate in ones monk guild.
735 item_light value 0 unused value 1 enclosed? (yes means it cannot be extinguished by rain/snow) value 2 hours of light available, 0 is dead, -1 or 999 is infinite value 3 unused value 4 unused
736 item_staff_wand . value 0 level value 1 max charges value 2 current charges value 3 spell name value 4 unused An up-to-date list of spells can be obtained by typing: ? SPELLS [ignore/attack/defend/self/object/all]
737 item_scroll_potion_pill . value 0 level value 1 spell name 1 value 2 spell name 2 value 3 spell name 3 value 4 unused An up-to-date list of spells can be obtained by typing: ? SPELLS [ignore/attack/defend/self/object/all]
738 item_armor value 0 ac pierce value 1 ac bash value 2 ac slash value 3 ac exotic (magic) value 4 bulk (see help bulk)
739 item_weapon . value 0 weapon class. value 1 number of dice to roll. value 2 type of dice to roll. value 3 weapon type. value 4 special weapon type. An up-to-date list of values can be obtained by typing ? WCLASS help WEAPON_DICE ? WEAPON ? WTYPE
740 item_container . value 0 weight capacity value 1 flags: closeable, pickproof, closed, locked value 2 key vnum value 3 unused value 4 unused An up-to-date list of flags can be obtained by typing ? CONTAINTER
741 item_drink value 0 capacity value 1 current quantity value 2 liquid type value 3 poisoned? value 4 unused An up-to-date list of liquid types can be obtained by typing ? LIQUID
742 item_food . value 0 hours of food value value 1 unused value 2 unused value 3 poisoned? value 4 unused
743 item_money value 0 value in gold pieces value 1 value in silver pieces value 2 value in copper pieces value 3 unused value 4 unused

-=[ J ]=-

ID Keyword(s) Text
305 jaezred chaulssin The Jaezred Chaulssin are the disenfranchised sons of the drow matriarchy, and seek to depose it. As such, they are a fairly secretive clan, and are almost exclusively made up of drow. They really have no political enemies on the surface, but have clashed with Bregan Daerthe in the past.
524 jewelcrafting Syntax: jewel Syntax: jewel Syntax: jewel Syntax: jewel weapon Syntax: jewel jewelry Syntax: jewel socket Syntax: jewel By way of jewelcrafting, a player can create items from precious gems found throughout the lands. They may also harvest materials from previously found equipment, via the cut command. The jewel socket command can be used to convert regular gemstones into socket_gems, which can be socketed into equipment via the inlay skill.
465 jopha Jopha is the god of luck and fortune. He is followed mostly by bards and thieves, though most any class can be found in tow. Jopha was a bard before his ascension to godhood, and there are many legendary stories that he published before attaining immortality. Jopha can be followed by an adventurer of any alignment, but paladins and druids are restricted from his faith.

-=[ K ]=-

ID Keyword(s) Text
654 kick Kicking allows the adventurer to receive an extra attack in combat, a powerful kick. However, a failed kick may throw an unwary fighter off balance. Fighters and clerics are the most skilled at kicking, although thieves may also learn it.
429 kidney kidney_punch Syntax: kidney With a quick kidney punch, the thief can exact extra damage to his opponent during combat, enabling them a greater chance to prevail.
510 kill hit Syntax: kill Kill or hit is the command used to initiate combat in the simplest form here in Aragond. You may also initiate combat via spells, skills, and magical devices.
563 knock spell Syntax: cast knock (ie: cast knock east) This spells allows a caster to magically open otherwise locked doors or objects, regardless or not as to whether they possess the correct key.
570 knock_spell Syntax: cast knock (ie: cast knock east) This spell magically unlocks a locked door, whether the caster has the key or not.
750 knock Syntax: knock By using the knock command, you can alert people on the other side of a door of your presence. Its that simple. Also see: knock_spell

-=[ L ]=-

ID Keyword(s) Text
689 lag Twas dial-up, and the failing mudders did toil and struggle in the fray All checksummed were the compressed files And the man pages, outdate Beware the Internet my son, The noise that hangs, the lag that kills Beware the Usenet news, and shun the frivolous mud with frills So took his his mudding client in hand Longtime the virtual foe he sought So rested he by the T1s three and paused a while in swap And as in disk-drive swap he stayed, The Internet, with lags of fame Came packetwise through the T1 line And error-checked as it came One two one two and through and through, the mudding client went kill -9 He left it dead and with its core he went a tracing back And hath thou slain the Internet? Come to my arms my disk-based bot! Oh lag-free day, callooh callay, he chortled in his joy Twas dial-up, and the failing mudders did toil and struggle in the fray All checksummed were the compressed files And the man pages, outdate.
232 language Languages can be learned from a polyglot mobile, for the rate of 1500 gold per language. The higher intelligence you have, the more languages you can learn. Using the difficulty argument with this command will list language learning difficulties. Available languages: common, dwarvish, elvish, gnomish, goblin, orcish, ogre, drow, kobold, tollish, halfling, gnollish, lizardman, birdfolk, demonic, draconic, loxodon, undercommon, minotaur, centaur, tabaxi, duergar, angelic, undead, fae
494 land Syntax: land The land command allows one to will themselves out of a flight spell, bringing them back to the ground.
458 laugh social_laugh Syntax : laugh or laugh To fall down laughing by yourself or to laugh mercilessly at someone or something.
127 lay_hands Syntax: lay The lay hands ability allows a paladin to recover between 25% and 50% of theirs or their target's hit points. If this ability is targeted at an undead creature, it deals damage equal to 3 times the level of the paladin.
538 lay trap Syntax: trap lay In order to use this skill, one must have a container handy, or there must be one in the room, which can close. A thief must also have a good set of tools with him.
583 learn Syntax: learn Syntax: learn This allows one proficient with scrolls to learn a spell from studying one. This is one way the spellcasters of Aragond learn new magic. Being relatively close to the level of the spell the scroll is scribed with is important for success. One can also learn new skills and abilities through tomes, assuming they know the language it is written in.
571 levels Levels on Aragond range from 1 to 40, for mortals, then 41 to 50 for immortals. If you multiclass your character, your main class will top out at 25, and your secondary at 15.
25 lightning_breath A dragon or high level wizard using this spell will wreak untold shocking damage upon a roomful of eligible targets, with a strong chance to apply the shock effect on each.
26 lightning_bolt Wizard who can master the elements of nature are very dangerous, and those utilizing this spell can bring down a powerful lightning bolt to cause medium to high shocking type damage to a single target.
718 lirannon Lirannon (leer-anon) is the god of all that is good within the world, and many of his followers are inherently clerics and paladins. Lirannon is in a constant struggle with Daij.
156 listening_jewel The listening jewel ballad will allow the bard to enchant a gem. When the gem is then given to another player, the bard is able to spy on the player, so long as they carry the gem in their inventory.
431 list Syntax: list Syntax: list show <- shows score sheet of a pet or mount before buying. The list command can be used to show a list of objects a vendor is willing to overcharge you for.
399 lizardman Stat Modifiers: Constitution + 3, Intelligence - 2, Wisdom - 1 Lizardmen are tribal in nature, and mostly shy away from "technology", preferring to live nomadic lives, hunting and fishing for survival. They are very dull creatures, and thus ill suited for wizardry and the like. Lizardman regeneration is known to be legendary, and their blood is coveted for various regeneration potions.
103 locksmithing Locksmithing allows one to make keys for locked containers, and also to add locks to containers who don't already have one. Locksmithing requires one to already know the blacksmithing skill.
479 locate_object Spell Level: 2 Type: Divination Domain: Divination Element: Water Wizards and clerics employing this spell are made aware of the whereabouts of a particular object in question, which is chosen at the time of the casting.
208 look Syntax: look Syntax: look The look command can be used with no argument to see details of the room youre in, or targetted at an object, mobile, or other player, to see a more detailed description of said target. See also: help scan, where, examine
660 lore Lore is a general skill, consisting of knowledge of myths and legends. Use of the lore skill gives a chance of obtaining information on an object, concerning its power and uses. It also may occasionally increase the value of an object, because more will be known about its worth. All classes may learn lore, although thieves are best at it, and warriors find it very hard to use.
400 loxodon Stat Modifiers: Wisdom + 2, Dexterity - 2, Constitution + 1, Charisma - 1 Loxodon are an elephant-like humanoid race, with powerful religious ties in virtually all of their tribes. They are typically quite wise, and thus make excellent clerics, and even paladins. They are typically good aligned by nature.

-=[ M ]=-

ID Keyword(s) Text
722 maelik Maelik is a bloodthirsty god whos followers appease him through the constant strife of battle and bloodshed. A very egotistical god, Maelik requires much from all of his followers, who tend to be Fighters, Monks, or Battle Clerics.
419 magic_missile Syntax: cast magic missile The magic missile spell is not only one of the wizards first spells, but also one of his most powerful. It shoots forth a bolt of magical energy to strike the wizards foe. As the wizard progresses, more bolts are fired.
33 manavert The manavert spell allows the wizard to cast spells using their health pool, rather than their mana pool.
66 mana_shield Only wizards are capable of utilizing a proper mana shield, which allows them to redirect 20% of damage from combat to their mana pool, rather than their hit points.
731 manadice A high number of dice makes for less variance in mobiles mana. The values the server generates for merc-type mobs is d 10 + 100 where level is the level of the mobile.
694 map maps Syntax : map This command turns the automap feature on and off.
425 martial Martial arts is a passive skill learned by fighters and monks, to allow them to incorporate kicks into their fighting style.
55 mass_invis By way of the mass invisibility spell, a wizard can render his entire party invisible to those without a way to detect them.
684 mass healing Syntax: cast mass healing The mass healing spell, as its name might suggest, performs a healing spell on all players in the room. It also throws in a refresh spell for good measure.
303 material Syntax: material Syntax: material The material command can be used to parse what materials a player has collected. It can be passed several arguments, including metal, gem, cloth, wood, and all.
751 mclass multiclass Syntax: mclass mclass In order to multi class, you must be of at least level 10 in your primary class. Once you have this prerequisite, head to your trainer and type mclass without an argument. You will then get a list of options that you can multi class into. From there simply type mclass , and your trainer will charge you a fee, then teach you the basics of whatever secondary class you chose. Multiclassing costs 500 gold. Multiclassing options by main class: fighter: cleric/wizard/thief/bard/druid wizard: cleric/fighter/thief/ranger thief: cleric/wizard/fighter/bard/ranger cleric: wizard/fighter/bard/ranger/thief ranger: cleric/wizard/bard/druid/thief bard: thief/cleric/fighter/ranger druid: fighter/ranger See also: class, subclass
664 meditation This skill is similar to fast healing, but relies on the concentration and mantras to increase mana recovery when the character is sleeping or resting. Thieves and warriors, with their troubled minds and violent attitudes, have much trouble learning to meditate.
729 medit Syntax: medit -Enters the editor for the selected mobile. The following commands are available from within the MEDITOR: alignment - set the mobiles alignment commands - prints a list of possible commands create - creates mobile with specified vnum desc - edit the mobiles description (when looked at) done - exits the mobile editor and returns to normal play level - set the mobiles level long - edit long description (the one in the room) name - sets the keywords on an mobile shop - type this command for further information short - sets the name of an mobile (a sword, a fish etc) show - hitting return, or show shows the mobile stats spec - sets a mobiles spec proc, type ? SPEC for a list sex - set the mobiles sex, type ? SEX for a list act - mobiles actions, type ? ACT for a list affect - mobile affects, type ? AFFECT for a list ac - set the mobiles ac, type ? AC for a list form - mobiles body-form, type ? FORM for a list part - mobiles bodyparts, type ? PART for a list imm - mobile is immune to, type ? IMM for a list res - mobile is resistant to, type ? RES for a list vuln - mobile is vulnerable to, type ? VULN for a list material - material mobile is made from, type ? MATERIAL for a list off - offensive behaviour, type ? OFF for a list size - size, type ? SIZE for a list hitdice - dice to toss to get mobiles hitpoints manadice - dice to toss to get mobiles mana damdice - dice to toss to get mobiles hand to hand damage type help HITDICE, help MANADICE, help DAMDICE for lists of reasonable dice combinations on different levels.
155 melody_of_masked_intent The bard song, melody of masked intent, is a way of protecting oneself from a wizard's attempt to scry them.
637 menu choice Choice (add,drop,list,help)?
693 merc This mud is based on Merc 2.1, created by Furey, Hatchet, and Kahn. Merc 2.1 is available as Merc_21.tar.gz from ftp.tcp.com and ftp.math.okstate.edu. E-mail to majordomo@webnexus.com to join the merc mailing list. Thanks to ... ... Diku Mud for starting it all. ... The Free Software Foundation and DJ Delorie for kick-ass tools. ... Copper Mud and Alfa Mud for releasing their code and worlds. ... Aod of Generic for ... well, everything. Youre a hoopy frood, Aod. ... Alander for many ideas and contributions. ... John Brothers of Silly for permission to use Silly code and worlds. ... Zrin for administering the mailing list. ... Abaddon for proofreading our comm.c. ... Hind, Quin, Vic, Diavolo, Oleg, Trienne, and others for porting help. ... Diavolo, Grodyn, Morgenes, and others for code and bug fixes. ... Raff, Doctor, VampLestat, Nirrad, Tyrst, PinkF, Chris, Glop for worlds. ... the players and imps of Mud Dome, Final Mud, Mud Lite, Vego Mud, Rivers of Mud, Ruhr Mud, and Mystic Realms for bug reports, ideas, new code, and hours of enjoyment. Also see "help ROM" for information about the Rivers of Mud code base.
559 meteor swarm (area of effect) Syntax: cast meteor swarm This extremely powerful spell calls down chunks of debris from beyond the atmosphere of the planet itself. These chunks obviously land with great force, and are all but deadly to those unlucky enough to be caught in the target zone.
435 minotaur Stat Modifiers: Strength + 2, Constitution +1, Charisma - 2, Intelligence - 1
619 mine mining syntax: mine syntax: mine <- specify to look for only ore/gems. syntax: mine Using the mine command without an argument will get you started mining, provided you have a mining tool of some sort, and the skill itself, as well as being in the proper area to do such a thing. Using the stop argument will stop you from mining. See help material as well.
461 mlist olist rlist Syntax: rlist/mlist/olist The free argument shows a list of free vnums in the area for the specified type. The all argument shows a somewhat detailed list of used vnums for the specified type. A specific argument like sword or copper will return only those matches with that keyword for the specified type. Hint: this command can be used in aedit, oedit, redit, and medit with all arguments. Rlist can now accept the sector/sect argument to show a breakdown of sectors used in the area. It can also accept the blank/desc argument to show rooms that still need room descriptions written.
734 mob_ac The values ROM generates for a merc format mob is: level pierce bash slash exotic 1 95 95 95 95 5 70 70 70 85 10 40 40 40 70 15 5 5 5 55 20 -25 -25 -25 40 25 -55 -55 -55 20 30 -90 -90 -90 5 35 -120 -120 -120 -10 40 -150 -150 -150 -25 45 -180 -180 -180 -40 50 -215 -215 -215 -55 55 -245 -245 -245 -70 60 -275 -275 -275 -90 65 -305 -305 -305 -105 70 -340 -340 -340 -120 80 -400 -400 -400 -150 These values are 10 times what you would put in an area file. This is because the server multiplies what it reads from file with 10.
608 monk Primary Stat: Dexterity 2ndary Stat: Wisdom Minimum Stats: Dexterity (15), Wisdom (12) Monks are masters of hand to hand combat, their proficiency at it is unrivaled among the classes of the world. Relying solely on their bodies for both attack and defense, they have shunned the use of any physical weapons whatsoever. They are capable of learning a limited selection of clerical devotions, but otherwise rely on their intense training to manipulate their bodies to bend to their will. Constitution, strength, and dexterity are important attributes for a Monk.
1 motivation The motivation song encourages a single target for combat, giving them some additional temporary melee damage and hit roll buffs.
696 motd Welcome to Aragond: the Chronicles! ALPHA version - expect pwipes periodically until BETA. ************************************************************************ * Please heed our rules. This is to be a fun environment for people to * * come and roleplay, help shape this world, advance in stature and in * * general have a good time. Try not to ruin that for others! * * * * Thanks, Upro. * ************************************************************************ * Important commands: commands, score, help, hlist, toggle * Most importantly... HAVE FUN!
369 mpflee /* * Forces the mobile to flee. * * Syntax: mob flee * */
542 mxp MXP has been integrated with this mud and is available by the command of the same name. There are many neat features that can be produced with MXP, and well be implementing them as they come by. Note: Gmud does not support MXP. If youre having problems with it try another client.

-=[ N ]=-

ID Keyword(s) Text
279 naga Stat Modifiers: Intelligence + 1, Charisma - 1 Naga are a race of intelligent snake creatures who inhabit the material plane of Aragond, and can occasionally be seen on other adjacent planes, such as the plane of water. Naga are very clever and tend to make excellent clerics and wizards, though they are not bereft of melee capability.
408 name Try not to use names from existing canon such as Lord of the Rings, Dr. Who, Arthurian legends, etc. Originality is best, and there are plenty of random name generators out there to assist you. Were trying to make a 100% original world, and we need your help.
99 necromancer Necromancers are the twisted masters of the undead in Aragond. Both wizards and clerics can become necromancers, but must be evil aligned, and know both the embalm and detect undead spells. Necromancers gain the following spells: raise dead, command undead, finger of death, corpse link, locate remains, and death shroud.
719 nefyr Nefyr (ne-fear) is the god of Chaos, and reigns supreme on causing trouble. Many lost souls wander towards the light of Nefyr, only to be smited down by the god in order to preserve chaotic order.
172 negative plane protection This spell affords the caster with some resistance to sources that would deal negative type damage.
720 nelenwe Nelenwe is the god of true neutrality, apathy, and ambiguity. Balance of karma, good and light, and justice are the alma mater of this deity, who primarily attracts Thieves, Bards, Rangers, and Wizards.
407 new_immortal
455 newlock When the game is newlocked, no new characters may be created at that time. This is a setting usually toggled on when the immortals are testing something new in creation or when there has been a bug or issue found in the creation screen.
688 newbie info Ah! Another mortal, seeking adventure. You should go through mudschool first, to gain experience to face the trials outside. Be sure to practice a weapon in the guild room, or your stay with us shall be very short indeed. Type equipment to see what your are wielding, spells to see your spells, skills to see your skills, and commands for a list of commands. Help is available on most commands and abilities. To see a list of commands, type the word commands. They are organized to give you an idea of what they do without needing to read a helpfile on them. Some however, are not so obvious, and have helpfiles which you can read by typing help . If you see an NPC with a [Q] symbol next to their name, they have a quest to give you. You can take the quest by type "quest request". For optimum display please set your client column wrap to 120, and type scroll 30 Please see help death and remember to use the outfit command if you need another set of newbie eq. Please type help rules to see the Rules of Aragond : The Chronicles.
672 nexus Syntax: cast nexus This spell is virtually identical to portal (see help portal), with the only difference being that while portal creates a one-way gate, a nexus spell makes a two-sided gate. It also lasts longer than the lower-powered portal spell. Both spells require an additional power source, the secret of which has been lost...
550 nightmare Syntax: cast nightmare This malady is cast upon a target while they are sleeping. Once placed upon a slumber foe, this spell will go to work in the most insidious of ways, filling the targets dreams with horrible visions and feelings. While experiencing such nightmares, their bodys normal rate of self healing will be greatly reduced, rendering the rest nearly useless.
496 noexp Syntax: noexp You can use the noexp to turn off experience gaining for either of your classes (if you are multiclassed), or just your main class.
445 nofollow Nofollow is a toggle you can flip on or off to allow other characters or npcs the ability to follow you. Turning it off while you have followers will dismiss them. Toggle nofollow pet, or toggle nofollow mount, will dismiss pets and mounts, respectively. See also: help toggle
446 nosummon Nosummon can be toggled on or off in order to allow or disallow summoning of yourself by other players. This prevents you from being caught in a sticky situation with your pants down.
176 note onote news change history idea Each note spool has it's own command set, corresponding to it's name. Therefore in order to read/write/search on a spool, you start by typing the name of the spool, followed by the command. Each spool offers the following commands: list, write, to, subject, edit, clear, send, search, delete. List: Lists all notes in a spool. A second numerical argument can show "pages" of a list, if there are more than 100. Write: Creates a new note in the given spool. To: Recipient of the note, can be individual, clan name, immortal, etc. Subject: The subject of the note, a brief idea of the purpose of the note. Edit: Enter the note text editor to input the body of the note. Clear: Clear the current note that you are writing, completely erasing it. Send: Send the note, once finished setting a subject/recipient/body. Search: Search a spool for a specific keyword either in the subject or body. Delete: Delete a note given a second numerical argument (must be author). Persist: Toggle whether this note will be persistent or not. Spools: onote, news, change, history, idea, penalty (immortal only). See also: help unread
154 nourishing_ballad This song somewhat heals the target, as well as relieving a bit of their hunger.
401 nymph Stat Modifiers: Intelligence + 1, Charisma + 2, Consititution - 1, Strength - 2 Nymphs are beautiful creatures of the wild, and are essentially incapable of committing acts of evil. They are magically inclined, and are suited well for druids or wizards. Nymphs eventually want to feel closer to their home element, and will eventually "remort" into a final stage through a partially magical, partially metamorphic process.

-=[ O ]=-

ID Keyword(s) Text
38 obscure_object Utilizing this spell, a wizard can obscure an object, making it impossible for other wizards to use a locate object spell on it. This effect lasts permanently, or until a successful prayer of remove curse is performed upon it.
309 obsidian Clan Obsidian tries to balance the world through secretive political machinations and quiet assassinations, as well as strange duplicitous acts. Most often, their mostives are incredibly hard to discern to outsiders.
728 oedit Syntax: edit object -Enters the editor for the selected object. The following commands are available from within the OEDITOR: addaffect - applies an affect to an object, no args for help delaffect - removes an affect to an object, no args for help commands - prints a list of possible commands cost - sets the gold value of the object create - creates object with specified vnum done - exits the object editor and returns to normal play ed - type this for info on adding/editing extended descripts long - edit long description (the one in the room) name - sets the keywords on an object short - sets the name of an object (a sword, a fish etc) show - hitting return, or show shows the object stats v0 - sets the value 0 on the object v1 - sets the value 1 on the object v2 - sets the value 2 on the object v3 - sets the value 3 on the object v4 - sets the value 4 on the objcet weight - sets the weight of the object type - type of object, type ? TYPE for a list extra - attributes of object, type ? EXTRA for a list wear - where object is worn, type ? WEAR for a list material - material the object is made from
434 ogre half_ogre Stat Modifiers: Strength + 2, Constitution + 2, Wisdom - 1, Intelligence - 2, Charisma - 1 Half-Ogres are a result of breeding between Human and Ogre parents. For the most part these relationships are non-consensual and usualy involve an Ogre male and Human female. Because of this the Half-Ogre offspring are often shunned by both races and have a hard time finding there place in the world. They are significantly larger than the average human, usualy topping out at eight or nine feet in height, and typicaly with a larger frame to match. Due to this size, they excell at inflicting a larger than usual amount of damage, and are very proficient at using their bulk to slam their opponents about.
723 olc edit Syntax: EDIT AREA [create/reset] [vnum] - Area Creation and Repoping. Syntax: EDIT ROOM ( [create] [vnum] ) - Room Creation and Editing. Syntax: EDIT OBJ [create] - Object Creation and Editing. Syntax: EDIT MOB [create] - Mobile Creation and Editing. Syntax: EDIT MP [create] - MobProg Creation/Editing. Syntax: ASAVE - Save Editing to Disk. Syntax: ALIST - Listing of Areas. Syntax: RESET See Help Resets. - Set Game Resets. Definition: [optional] (combined arguments) The above commands are used to expand the game world. The original code is based on was written by Surreality and installed in The Isles by Locke. It was then converted to work with Envy by Jason Dinkel, and ported to ROM 2.3 by Hans Birkeland (Hugin). Port to Rom 2.4 by Ivan Toledo (ver 1.7). Inside an editor, typing COMMANDS lists working commands and ? gives help. AEDIT and REDIT default to the current area or room. EDIT ROOM RESET resets the current room. Most commands with no arguments display syntax. See also help: AEDIT REDIT MEDIT OEDIT
721 omari Omari is the all encompassing god of magic throughout the land. He is known to be quite reclusive, but some have reported communing with him in dire times of trouble. His followers tend to be exclusively wizards, although some clerics and even bards have been found in the midst of his gatherings.
517 ooc Syntax: ooc OOC is a channel used for things that are explicitly NOT in character. This means that you may not relay any IC (in character) info over this channel, as it breaks the cycle of roleplay. The recent/history argument can be used to see the last 15 ooc messages.
153 orbitting_rhythm_and_lead The orbitting rhythm and lead a bard can surround themself or others with reduces all damage taken for a short duration by 50%.
605 orc half_orc Stat Modifiers: Strength + 1, Wisdom - 1, Constitution + 1, Charisma - 1 Half orcs are the conception of an orc and any other race in Aragond. Most frequently they share orc heritage with either elven or human, but there have been plenty of cases otherwise. Half orcs tend to be taller due to their orcish side, and can reach seven or eight feet in height sometimes. Half orcs live shorter than all the other races due to their genetic differences, and are not very wise or charismatic. They make excellent fighters, rangers, and the occasional thief.
135 order Syntax: order Using the order command, one can make their charmies, pets, or mounts perform various NPC safe commands, such as resting, sleeping, killing, wearing, etc.
704 outfit The outfit command, usable by levels 5 and below, equips your character with a new set of sub issue gear (banner, weapon, helmet, shield, and vest), courtesy of the Mayors warehouses. Only empty equipment slots are affected.
203 overgrowth Overgrowth is used to change a druids surroundings to one more suitable for their skillset, in order to aid them in combat, changing the room they are in into either forest or jungle.

-=[ P ]=-

ID Keyword(s) Text
209 pack Syntax: pack Syntax: pack The pack command is used to pack herb into ones pipe for smoking, or packing either herbs or pigments into a mortar and pestle for grinding into either pigments or dyes, respectively.
522 palmstrike palm_strike Syntax: palm Palmstriking is a very advanced monk technique taught only to the most devout of knowledge seekers, which can inflict major harm upon ones enemy. The monk must first gather energy, then he releases it the next combat round.
610 paladin Primary Stat: Constitution 2ndary Stat: Wisdom Minimum Stats: Charisma (17), Constitution (10) Paladins are holy warriors who dabble very slightly in healing magic. They are very distrusting of sorcery of any kind, if its source isnt from ones deity, and thus tend to have trouble adventuring with wizards. Paladins usually have great charm, strength, constitution, and wisdom, and tend to be excellent leaders of adventuring groups due to this, though they can be a little foolhardy at times, almost seeming to have too much faith in their deity. Paladins have excellent health and tend to be in the forefront of any group. Note: Paladins require at least a 17 charisma.
76 paralyzation The paralyzation spell does it's name a service, as it paralyzes one's opponent, keeping them from leaving the current room they are in for the duration of the spell.
655 parry If at first you fail to dodge, block it. Parry is useful for deflecting attacks, and is succesful more often than dodge. Parry requires a weapon for full success, the hand-to-hand skill may also be used, but results in reduced damage instead of no damage. The best chance of parrying occurs when the defender is skilled in both his and his opponents weapon type.
119 pass_without_trace When affected by pass without trace, players will not leave any footprints or tracks when traversing the land. They are still fully visible, however, and will not be camouflaged in the room in any way. For these type of abilities, see sneak, hide, stone meld, or invisibility.
120 pass_door Those will pass door cast upon them are able to walk through closed doors as though they were a ghost, and have additional ability to avoid blows in combat as well. This spell can only be cast upon oneself.
662 peek The peek skill is useful for seeing what a player or monster is carrying, the better to use the steal command with. More intelligent characters are harder to peek at. All characters may learn peek, but thieves are the most common practicioners.
92 perfect_self The perfect self ability is strictly for monks who already have learned and somewhat mastered the body attunement ability. It allows the monk to "regenerate" ki during combat after either dodging, hand parrying, or counterstriking.
238 pet Pets can be bought in various pet shops throughout Aragond, or tamed by certain classes. They are with you until they die, then they must be replaced. Pets can level as well, and their stats can be seen with the petscore command. Pets can wear equipment and hold inventory, and can be ordered to do a number of things normal players can do, such as sleep, attack, drink, etc. Pets gain trains as they level, and can be ordered to train their stats at any trainer.
663 pick pick lock Lock picking is one of the prime skills of thieves, allowing them to gain access to many secured areas. Lock picking chances are improved by intelligence, and hindered by the difficulty of the lock. Other classes may learn to pick locks, but they will never find it easy.
698 pkill pkilling pkiller player killing psteal pstealing player stealing Player killing and player stealing are allowed to all clan members (including loners), provided the victim is is within 8 levels of the character and is also in a clan. This will flag you as a "killer" or "thief", allowing any character to attack, and also provoking action from the city guard.
60 planar_binding A wizard using planar binding can bind oneself or another to the current plane they are in for a duration. This can be beneficial or detrimental, depending on the situation...
61 planar_door Using planar door, the powerful wizard can open a portal to a completely different plane of existence, see help plane for a list.
202 planeshift By way of this primordial spell, the druid can transport themself to any of the elemental planes surrounding the material plane (Aragond). This includes the planes of: fire, water, air, and earth.
224 plane In Aragond, the main world comprises what is called the "material plane" of existance. This is everything physically manifested into the towns, dungeons, mountains, and rivers that make up the planet. From there, many other planes exist, which sufficiently powerful adventurers can travel to, for end game content. Current Planes: Material Plane Ethereal Plane Astral Plane Plane of Shadow Plane of Fire Plane of Water Plane of Air Plane of Earth The Nine Hells The Seven Heavens
530 plant Syntax: plant Using the plant skill, a thief may drop items into someone elses pockets inconspicuously. This is based on the objects weight of course.
679 plague Syntax: cast plague The plague spell infests the target with a magical disease of great virulence, sapping its strength and causing horrific suffering, possibly leading to death. It is a risky spell to use, as the contagion can spread like wildfire if the victim makes it to a populated area.
671 portal Syntax: cast portal The portal spell is similar to gate, but creates a lasting one-way portal to the target creature, instead of transporting the caster. Portals are entered using enter or go command, as in go portal. Portals cannot be made to certain destinations, nor used to escape from gate-proof rooms. Portal requires a special source of power to be used, unfortunately the secret of this material component has been lost...
449 pour fill Syntax: pour <1st container> <2nd container/mortar> Syntax: pour out The pour command allows an adventurer to pour the contents of one drink container into another drink container OR a mortar and pestle. If pouring from drink container to drink container, the liquids must be the same for both. If pouring into a mortar, the drink container must contain water. One can also pour their drink container or mortar out if they wish.
411 power_grip powergrip Powergrip is a passive skill that allows the experienced fighter to resist being disarmed in combat from opponents.
257 pquest Syntax: pquest Pquest is an immersive questing system that give players persistant, real time, course altering decision making capabilities for their characters. Commands: request - will allow you to request a quest from a mobile in the room (if they have one). complete - complete a quest, provided you are at the correct mobile. abandon - abandon a specific quest by name or vnum, or "all". log - shows a log of all quests (completed or not), with time remaining. info - shows detailed information about a specific quest in your log. See also: help quest
621 practice practices syntax: practice Used without an argument, practice will show all skills available that you may practice. Used with an argument (a skill name), it will practice specified skill for a small fee induced from the trainer you visit. Skill may only be practiced to 50% (learned), daily use increases from there. Practices gained per level are based on your characters primary and secondary stats, and practicing skills is always helped by a higher intelligence score. NOTE: Practicing is very inexpensive early on, and it is advised to do so accordingly See also: help train, gain
94 precision_aim Precision aim is a passive skill which adds 2-4 to each dice roll for determining a "hit" in combat, when using a ranged weapon only. This skill does not work with melee weaponry at all.
225 presence of mind This is a passive monk skill that affords them the ability to dodge more frequently, as well as entirely avoid incoming attacks with sheer presence of mind.
591 pressure point A monk posessing the intimate knowledge of pressure points can effectively target their foes weakest areas much better than others, and so can land critical blows at a higher rate than others. This skill is passive and has a bigger benefit as the monk grows in power.
627 prerequisite This system simply means that learning some skills requires the learning of others in advance. Most of the more powerful spells and combat skills require some sort of prerequisites, which also sometimes require guildrank. See help guildrank for more information on this.
714 prices price New Clan Hall Rooms cost 50 diamonds. Boosting the mana or healing gains for a room costs 250 diamonds. Both in the same room costs double. Making the Healer or Store prices lower costs 1,000 diamonds.
589 profile Syntax: profile Using the profile command, one can check the login times of other individuals. You can also set your real name and email address.
590 prospecting Syntax: prospect prospect Prospecting is the art of sieving ore from the water, and in order to do this, you must have a sieve, and of course be near water.
598 prompt Syntax: prompt Syntax: prompt all Syntax: prompt <%*> Syntax: prompt ? PROMPT with out an argument will turn your prompt on or off. PROMPT ALL/DEFAULT will reset your prompt to the game default. PROMPT <%*> where the %* are the various variables you may set yourself. PROMPT BUILDER (for Immortals) will set your prompt to have values important for building. PROMPT ? will display how your prompt is currently set up. %h : Display your current hits %H : Display your maximum hits %m : Display your current mana %M : Display your maximum mana %v : Display your current moves %V : Display your maximum moves %K : Display your current ki (monk only) %x : Display your current experience %X : Display experience to level %i : Display number of items carried %I : Display amount of items you can carry %t : Display current game time %T : Display your talent points (if a psion) %G : Display your guildpoints %g : Display gold carried %s : Display silver carried %p : Display copper carried %b : Display your bleeding status %B : Display your current breath %a : Display your alignment %S : Display what terrain you are in %r : Display the room name you are in %e : Display the exits from the room in NESWDU style %c : Display a carriage return (useful for multi-line prompts) %C : Display how many charms you currently have under your control %R : Display the vnum you are in (IMMORTAL ONLY) %z : Display the area name you are in (IMMORTAL ONLY) %o : Display current OLC editor (IMMORTAL ONLY) %O : Display current OLC vnum (IMMORTAL ONLY) Example: PROMPT <%hhp %mm %vmv> Will set your prompt to "<10hp 100m 100mv>"
680 protection_good protection_evil protection_neutral The protection spells reduce damage taken from attackers of the appropriate ethos, and improve saving throws against all forms of magic. They may not be cast on others, and one person cannot carry both defenses at the same time.
500 psionicist psion Primary Stat: Intelligence 2ndary Stat: Constitution Psions are a rare occurence in the world of Aragond. Adventurers with unrecognized psionic potential may choose to address this, and hone his abilities with another more skilled psionicist. This usually costs a great deal of money, as much time is needed for one to hone their mental abilities to an extent necessary to become a true psionicist. Wild talents arent unknown in Aragond, however, and can be a wildcard in any battle.
7 pugilist Pugilists are monks who mostly forego weapon training in order to make their hands even more poewrful weapons. Pugilists gain true strike and weapon break, but can have no other weapon skills than staff/fist weapons learned.
90 purify The purify skill uses a monk's built up ki to remove toxins from their body. This skill can remove all manner of poisons and even diseases.
443 push pull pry press Objects in Aragond often times must be interacted with more than the simple get, take, or drop methods. In times like these, one would be wise to try and push, pull, press, or pry an object, depending on the situation.
300 pvp pkill pdeath In Aragond, you are placed into the PvP world at level 10. You do not have to fight other players, and there are pacifist type clans you can join if you wish, but you should still be aware of your surroundings, as many evil creatures lurk about Aragond, with political motives you may be unaware of.

-=[ Q ]=-

ID Keyword(s) Text
575 qedit QEDIT is an editor made to extend the interactiveness of the game through compllex, creatively written, pre-scripted quests that can be completed and saved to the character file to make the world more in depth and immersive overall. Commands: create - create a new quest tied to the area youre in, provided you have security. name - name your quest. no numbers or symbols please. start - which mobile can the player request the quest from. end - which mobile can the player complete the quest at. Note: 1) Please be sure to capitalize every word in your quest name. 2) No numbers or symbols in the name at all.
175 quaff Syntax: quaff Quaff is the command used to quaff potions. Note, this will not consume regular drinks.
709 quest quests Syntax: quest Quest You can also see your accumulated quest points by typing worth. For new dynamic quests, see help pquest
152 quicken_tempo The quicken tempo song will speed the bard's actions considerably. Allowing them to move faster in combat, and use less movement when travelling.
189 quit Syntax: quit Quits the game. One wonders why one would want to do that.
204 quotes 8/29/2021 Reef OOCs my lady just got a kick out of this figurine of a merman i picked up yesterday Reef OOCs 8 charges of level 7 hardstaff lol 2/18/2021 [Krilantis]: 'be a centaur cleric. Centaur of Disease Control' [Upro]: 'ROFLMAO' 5/6/2022 Hunzoba OOC's 'ok clear as mud nw=ow :)' You OOC 'ok where did i confuse you' Hunzoba OOC's 'clear as mud as iin we be mudding' 5/7/2022 [11:22] Valben OOC's 'got yeah ok I am fixed JEREMY HAS BEEN DEBUGED'

-=[ R ]=-

ID Keyword(s) Text
710 race help race races Human Aarakocra Minotaur Elf Lizardman Centaur Dwarf Aasimar Half Ogre Half Orc Tiefling Loxodon Half Elf Revenant Drow Halfling Gnoll Githzerai Gnome Bugbear Githyanki Duergar Tabaxi Nymph Naga Different races have different starting statistics, and also different stat maximums for magic items and training. Each race also has inherent abilities, as described in their respective helpfiles. See also: help remort
264 ranged_combat crossbow bow In order to use ranged combat, you must have several things in place. First, youll need skill in either the bow/crossbow skill. Second, purchase/find a bow/crossbow, quiver, and some arrows. Put the arrows in the quiver, then wear the quiver. Now youll draw arrows from your quiver in combat until it is empty, but only if you are not in the front rank of your group (it is ranged combat after all). Being in the front of your group will result in you using your bow as a club, and making it susceptible to rapid damage.
293 rank Syntax: rank Clan members at rank 3 or above have ranging ability to rank and derank members of their clan, using this command. Beware, this command is logged, so there must be in character reasoning behind ranking and deranking people. See also: help clan
611 ranger Primary Stat: Constitution 2ndary Stat: Wisdom Minimum Stats: Constitution (12), Wisdom (13) Rangers are the naturalists of a group. They have excellent tracking abilities, and usuall tend to be quite fierce in melee combat as well. They can wear fairly bulky armor (see help bulk), giving them a decent amount of damage resistance, allowing them to tank in certain instances if necessary. Rangers have a multitude of different skills available, as well as a few spells, making them a useful addition to any adventuring group.
311 ravager Clan Ravager is comprised most of evil, chaotic, and psychotic residents of Aragond, murderers, thieves, and assassins, all bent on causing absolute chaos through bloodshed. Clan Guardian is their mortal enemy, and opposes them at every turn.
670 ray of truth Syntax: cast ray of truth Ray of truth opens a portal to the planes of positive energy, bringing forth a beam of light of sufficient purity to harm or or annihilate the servants of evil. It cannot harm the pure of heart, and will turn and strike casters who are tainted by evil.
299 recite Syntax: recite Using this command, the adventurer will attempt to recite the magical glyphs contained within a scroll, in order to cast the spell within.
450 recall Syntax: recall recall here The recall command can be used to return a character to a specified point, either within a city, inside (such as a house or shop), or in a clanhall. All characters begin with the recall command pointing to the center of Renfall, but this can be changed as soon as a player wishes. Recalling takes one half of a characters current movement points, and has an eight minute cooldown, so use it sparingly, and save for emergency situations.
668 recharge Syntax: cast recharge The recharge spell is used to restore energy to depleted wands and staves. Fully exhausted items cannot be recharged, and the difficulty of the spell is proportional to the number of charges used. Magic items can only be recharged one time successfully.
20 reduce_person A wizard using this spell can either reverse the effects of an enlarge person spell, or make themselves one size category smaller for a duration.
726 redit Syntax: edit room -Enters the editor for the current room. The following commands are available from within the REDITOR: commands - prints a list of possible commands create - creates a room with a certain vnum desc - edit description of room done - exists the room editor and returns to normal play ed - type this command for additonal extra-description help format - format(wordwrap) the room description name - changes the room title show - hitting return, or show shows the room stats oshow - shows an object with given vnum mshow - shows a mobile with given vnum olist - lists objects in this area (dependant on arguments). mlist - lists mobiles in this area (dependant on arguments). rlist - use rlist to print: free, all, or blank/desc (ones with no descriptions) room - room attributes, type ? ROOM for a list sector - terrain of room, type ? SECTOR for a list - see help EXIT, or type ?
237 refresh With this spell, a caster may rejuvenate lost movement points, allowing him or her to travel farther distances. This is also usable on other players, making it an excellent utility spell.
558 regeneration Syntax: cast regeneration This spells allows those affected by it to regenerate physical damage at a much greater than usual rate.
236 rehydrate Using the rehydrate spell, a caster can reverse the effects of dehydration, quenching their thirst magically for a time.
122 remove_curse Spellcasters with this spell are able to remove curses not only from themselves and others, but also from cursed items.
256 remort Basic Requirements: level 40, 3000 mob kills, 2000 explored rooms Remorting is essentially a biological evolution for a character. Most remorts are racially based, and will transform you into some semblence of your former race, such as drow remorting to driders. However, some, like the lich, transform you into something entirely different, in this case, an undead version of your former self. Remorting often times comes with great benefit to the character, making them more powerful in some way or another. However, it can come with its own curse as well, depending on the case. Most remorts will require some form of quest to be completed, though there is much secrecy about the locations of both receiving and turning in these quests. One can remort from any trainer mobile, provided they have met the requirements. Current remorts available: Lich Drider Illithid Dryad Naiad Celiad Umbriad
486 remove_paralysis Spell Level: 4 Type: Conjuration Domain: Healing Element: Air One casting this useful spell can remove a persons paralysis, restoring to them full movement once more.
537 remove trap Syntax: trap remove A player using this ability can remove any traps laid upon such object, if he is careful and has the right tools for the job.
151 repulsive_din Repulsive din is useful for making one quite disgusting to look at. This can affect the amount of charmies one can utilize, and thus is an excellent tool in fighting against wizards, and other people with charms.
180 report Syntax: report This command will show the room your current condition in regards to health, mana, and movement.
630 repair Syntax repair Using this skill, a player can repair his damaged equipment, provided he has the knowledge to do so. Without proficiency in the skill, a player might also visit the blacksmith for repairs on damaged or broken equipment. Going to the blacksmith costs a small fee, but can prove to be a better repair at times. Typing "repair all" at an appropriate NPC will also attempt to repair all items, if the coin is available to do so. Keep in mind failing a repair on an item can cause it further damage.
2 resize Syntax: resize Items that are too big or small to be worn can be resized at the appropriate shop, such as cloth items at a tailor. The cost is ten gold per resize.
150 resonating_echo Resonating echo is an excellent tool for the bard, allowing them to deafen opponents, or even themselves, if necessary. Wearing a brass instrument will results in a longer duration and higher modifier.
469 resist_scrying Spell Level: 4 Type: Abjuration Domain: Magic Element: Water This spell is useful for avoiding the prying eyes of other wizards or clerics trying to scry upon your business.
656 rescue Syntax: rescue A friend in need is a friend indeed. And when in combat, a warrior with the rescue skill is just the friend you need. Rescue allows you to intercede in combat, protecting weaker characters from bodily harm. Hopefully the favor will be returned. Success in rescuing depends on the skill rating, as well as a comparision of level, dexterity, and speed between the character and the target. (note: you rescue a friend, not the monster)
733 resets Syntax variations: RESET OBJ - equips last mobile RESET OBJ inside - store in container RESET OBJ room - store in room RESET MOB - load a mobile RESET DELETE - delete a reset RESET alone will display the resets in the current room. The will be displayed with this list. Typing ? WEAR-LOC will list possible locations that an object can be loaded to. The is the maximum number of mobiles allowed in this area (needs to be the same if you have multiple resets for the same mobile). The is the max that will spawn in the room before it stops spawning them. For resets to be successful make sure that you add them in a logical order. For example if you are equiping a mobile dont load a container in the room and fill it with some objects and then continue equiping the mobile. It is likely that resets will backfire if they are not carefully entered. If you wish to reset the room then use EDIT ROOM RESET. Alternativaly, entering aedit, then typing "reset" will reset the entire area.
463 retribution Using retribution, a paladin who takes damage has a chance of returning some of that damage to the opponent.
428 revenant Stat Modifiers: Charisma - 2 Revenants are creature born of pure evil, their malice willing their decripit body to life, in order to exact vengeance upon the world who took its mortal life. They are strong, undead creatures, capable of dealing negative damage with their hands. A Revenants stats reflect that of its former mortal life.
259 riding Players that learn the riding skill gain access to the mount/dismount commands, and the opportunity to own a mount!
690 rom ROM started in early February 1993, using Merc 1.0 code. In July of 1993, ROM II was started, eventually replacing the original ROM. ROM was up for a little over a year, after which the code (version 2.3) was released, and various other ROM muds were started, including Rivers of Mud under a new management (Zumps ROM), at rom.org 9000. Alanders current project is Athen, the sequel to the ROM code. It can be found on Rehobaoms Legacy, at hypercube.org 9000. The following people contributed to the ROM flavor of the merc base code: Socials -- Kelsey and Liralen New, Improved Valhalla -- Liralen Puffs new special proc and improved poofin/poofout code -- Seth Maps and map shop -- Ezra, Regnan (Olympus) Nirvana zone -- Forstall (mobiles rewritten by Alander) Mob Factory -- Pinkfloyd (originally written for ROM, mobiles rewritten by Alander) Geographically correct Midgaard (tm) -- Alander Ideas and playtesting -- Thousands of dedicated mudders around the world The New Thalos area was donated by Onivel of Jedi, who was also the originator of the ASCII flags used in the zone files Beta testing -- Ken Blosser, Doug Araya, and Sherene Neil all helped with bugs reports and suggestions, saving a lot of headaches Bug reports -- Thanks to Shad Muegge, Jerome Despret, Phoenix, Will Hongach, Erwin S. Andreasen, Adam Debus and especially Gary Turkington (author of the ROM FAQ) for help spotting bugs ROM 2.4 was developed during my time with Moosehead mud, and the release shares many of the features I wrote while I was there. Additional code was written by Seth Scott (the new poofin/poofout), and many contributions and ideas from the Merc list were used. Portions of Rustys work on Moosehead also remain. The new features of 2.4 were largely produced in bull sessions with Gabrielle Taylor and Brian Moore, without whom this release wouldnt have happened. In particular, the new privacy code, furniture, and wiznet are the results of Gabrielles ideas. Changes to the standard diku mob and object format, as well as the changes to Merc 2.1 source code, were done by Alander over many a late night of hair-pulling. Hope you enjoy it. (my apologies if anyone was forgotten in this list)
248 room_build Name: Maximum of 32 characters. The game can take more but the rlist is cleaner this way.
700 rules * Player killing and stealing are encouraged, just as much as the roleplay behind it. However if you abuse it, we will ban/deny at our discretion. * Your presence here is a privilege not a right. Obey any orders from gods, and you will be fine. Deletion does not require a reason, appeals are to be sent to the implementors. * No kill stealing. This means you cannot attack a mob someone else is fighting, unless they ask you to. Also avoid attacking fleeing mobs. * Cheating will not be tolerated. This includes accepting favors from gods and exploiting bugs. If you find a bug, report it, then do not use it. * Changes to these rules are at the discretion of the immortals, and may be done without warning, notice, or even evidence of sanity. Walk softly, and carry a black stick.

-=[ S ]=-

ID Keyword(s) Text
149 sacred_euphony Sacred euphony will heal it's target, healing more if the bard is using a brass instrument.
247 sacrifice Syntax: sacrifice The sacrifice command can be used to sacrifice items on the ground to your deity, in exchange for faith. Be wary as once you sacrifice the item(s), they cannot be replaced.
123 sanctuary The sanctuary spell is perhaps the most important in one's repertoire, as it protects it's target from 50% of all incoming damage.
216 saves saving_throw Saving throws/saves serve as a means for a player to "save" against a spell being cast upon them. This typically entails taking half damage from offensive spells, or not being affected by maladicts, such as poison. There are two things that determine whether the player saves against a spell. The spell level of the caster, and the spell level itself. What this means is that a level 40 caster casting a level 1 spell will be much easier to save against than a level 40 caster casting a level 9 spell. The formula is as follows: if 1d20 + victim_saves > 5 + (caster_level / 5) + (spell_level * 3), successfully saved. See also: help spell_dam, magic_def, spell_crit
104 saw_technique Saw technique is a passive ability that allows the artificer to get more material from equipment that he or she whittles down into stock. This skill also allows you chop trees faster and produce more resources when doing so.
459 say Syntax : say Say is used by players to express ic (in-character) views/opinions. Not to be used for anything ooc (out-of-character). Example : say My flight to New York is in 2 hours <-- this is ooc.
206 scan Syntax: scan Syntax: scan The scan command can be used to see visible mobiles and players in your immediate vicinity. The command can be obscured by darkness unless you have the proper sight spells affecting your character. See also: help where, look, examine
495 score Syntax: score Syntax: score color * (replace the * with the appropriate color code, see help color) Score is the command used to display a wealth of vital information about your character. Anything from your name, class, guildrank, experience, and more can be found on your scoresheet. When used with the color argument, you can change the border on many of your in game menus, including score, who, worth, and more.
476 scry Spell Level: 6 Type: Divination Domain: Divination Element: Air The scry spell can be used to spy on a specific living target. It does not work on undead beings.
748 scribe scribing Syntax: scribe If you have the scribe skill, you are able to copy spells out of memory onto a parchment, scroll, or otherwise similar receptacle. Once you have done this, you can either use it as a scroll or pass it off to other mages to learn. However, most wizards hoard secrets, and thus charge a hefty amount for the scribing of any spell, particularly rare and deadly spells.
482 searing_light Spell Level: 2 Type: Evocation Domain: Magic Element: Air The searing light spell is usable by clerics, druids, and wizards. Its effect is a searing bolt of extremely hot light, much like a laser, tearing into its target.
523 seafaring The seafaring skill is important for adventurers who decide to live their lives on the sea. Most importantly it helps them navigate, but also helps in other areas on ships/water.
107 sell Syntax: sell Syntax: sell mat The sell command is used to sell various goods and materials to merchants throughout the land. Each merchant only buys certain types of goods, pertaining to their craft or what they sell.
148 selective_hearing Selective hearing will allow a bard a certain resistance to damage from sound. Using a stringed instrument during singing this ballad will result in a higher resistance.
414 sex gender Male characters of Aragond gain an extra hit point per level, whereas females gain an extra mana per level.
21 shadow_breath A dragon or high level wizard using this spell will wreak untold negative damage upon a roomful of eligible targets, draining mana and movement from the target to replenish the caster's hp.
72 shadow_bolt Shadow bolt is a wizard spell that sends a powerful bolt of negative damage hurling towards one enemy. This, like other standard damage spells, can be saved against for half damage.
192 shapeshift The animalist subclass can utilize shapeshifting to change their physical shape to resemble any animal found on Aragond. While in this shape, they gain combat and other characteristics of their chosen shape, but cannot wield weapons, hold objects, or wear a shield.
313 sharpen Syntax: sharpen Adventurers can use this ability to sharpen their weapons, causing them to do more damage in battle, however, it also increases the level of the weapon, and can only be used on bladed weapons.
84 shear The shear command is used by tailors holding a pair of shears, to remove the wool from a variety of creatures that inhabit Aragond. Shearing can be done to sheep, goats, alpacas, llamas, camels, and mammoths. Once sheared, the creature cannot be sheared again until it has grown it's wool back, which typically can take between 20-30 minutes of real time. Shearing requires a bit of effort, and thus comes at a cost of 25 movement per shearing. Occasionally shearing can "dull" your shears, causing need for repair. The amount of wool sheared is dependant on randomness and the size of the creature being sheared.
102 shield The shield spell affords its target with additional armor class, making them more difficult to hit.
316 shield_bash Syntax: shield / sbash Shield bash can be an effective maneuver in combat. A warrior must Simply square his shoulders, and step into their opponent with all of their weight behind the shield. This has the advantage of knocking spell casters out of concentration and faltering even the most dextrous of thieves.
484 shillelagh Spell Level: 3 Type: Transmutation Domain: Nature Element: Earth The shillelagh spell is used by druids to add a bit of a magical kick to their weapon, and is also known to protect it from the effects of fire.
643 shield_block Shield block is a rather fancy name for the art of parrying with a shield. Characters with no shield block skill will not be able to defend themselves well with a shield. All classes may learn shield block, but only warriors and clerics are good at it. Beware, flails ignore shield blocking attempts, and whips have an easier time getting around them. Axes may split shields in two.
136 shocking_forge The shocking forge spell will permanently enchant a weapon to deal additional shocking damage to opponents during combat.
283 shocking_grasp Spell Level: 1 Element: Lightning Classes: Wiz Syntax: cast shocking grasp Wizards use the spell at close range to do a fair amount of lightning damage to their target when forced into a corner.
410 shop Shops can be found throughout Aragond, carrying a wide variety of items. Shops are only open during certain times during the day, and can only carry/buy certain types of items. Shops in Aragond can also be set with the ability to load a random object for sale. Commands for interaction: buy sell list
489 shocking_web Spell Level: 6 Type: Evocation Domain: Magic Element: Lightning The shocking web spell is similar to its predecessor, the web spell, except that it does lightning damage on impact with its target.
491 shocking_grasp Spell Level: 1 Type: Evocation Domain: Magic Element: Lightning Shocking grasp is a touch based attack spell (meaning you cant use the spell from the back of a group) which delivers lightning damage to the opponent touched.
492 shocking_runes Spell Level: 4 Type: Abjuration Domain: Magic Element: Lightning Shocking runes is a spell used to set objects with a magical trap which springs when the item is picked up or worn.
477 silence The silence spell is a powerful malady for a wizard to have in their repoire. This spell can instantly remove another beings ability to talk, rendering them unable to cast spells, talk, whistle, or make any sort of sound via their vocal cords.
87 size These are the sizes in aragond and how they affect your character: - AC Mod is how much that size affects your armor class. - Move Adj is how much movement per step your size adjusts. Name AC Mod Move Adj Minute +8 +4 Diminutive +4 +3 Tiny +2 +2 Small +1 +1 Medium 0 0 Large -1 -1 Huge -2 -2 Gargantuan -4 -3 Colossal -8 -4
703 skills spells The skills and spells commands are used to display your characters list of available skills (or spells, as the case may be). They are listed in order of level, with mana cost (for spells) or percentage (for skills) listed where applicable.
747 skin skinning Syntax: skin Skinning is a skill usable by those who have studied tanning, or the ability to cure hide into leather. It requires a cutting tool of some sort in the players wielded slot, which can just simply be a dagger, if one wishes. Different races will offer different properties to their skin.
19 sleep The sleep spell is a powerful malady to put a single opponent into a sleeping state, leaving them vulnerable for attack.
616 slist syntax: slist Currently this command shows you all available spell per specified class.
678 slow Syntax: cast slow Despite popular mythology, slow is not the opposite of haste, but is a spell with its own unique set of effects. When cast on an unfortunate victim, it slows its movements, making it easier to hit and reducing its rate of attack. The effect of slow also double movement costs and halve healing rates, due to reduced metabolism.
143 smelt Syntax: smelt Smelting is a blacksmithing ability used to convert equipment back into their base ore form. One must be holding a blacksmithing hammer and be near an anvil in order to smelt. See also: help blacksmithing, craft
81 socket_gem A socket gem is a gem that has been specially cut by a player with jewelcrafting. Once this has been performed, the socket gem can then be socketed into armor or weapons that have available socket slots open. Not all weapons and armor have sockets available to do this to. There are three tiers of socket gems, and you can tell which yours is by the adjective used to describe the gem. Below is a chart to figure out which tier yours falls into. Creating one requires 10 shards of the material the original gem is made of. Tier Adjectives 1 Dull, Uncut, Flat, Flawed, Chipped, Rough, Translucent, Flawed, Ornamental, Milky 2 Shiny, Clear, Smooth, Semi-Precious, Smoky, Soft, Fine, Multifaceted, Rare, Opaque, Sparkling, 3 Brilliant, Radiant, Perfect, Spectacular, Magnificent, Precious see also: help socket_runes, inlay
692 socials This is a complete list of socials for this MUD: Compiled originally by: Sara accuse adjust air apologize applaud babble bark bcatch beckon beer bearhug beg bird bkiss bleed blink blush boast boggle bonk bounce bow brb burp cackle caress charge cheer chuckle clap claw collapse comfort comb cough cover cower cringe criticize cry cuddle curse curtsey dance daydream drool duck embrace explode eyebrow faint fart flare flash flex flinch flip flirt flutter fondle french frown fume gasp giggle glare goose grimace grin groan grope grovel growl grumble hand head hiccup highfive hop howl hug hush ignore innocent insane judge kiss knee laugh lick love lust massage meditate moan moon mosh mutter nibble nod nudge nuzzle pant passout pat peck pie pinch pissed plead point poke ponder pout pray propose puke punch purr ramble raspberry rofl roll rub ruffle run scratch scream serenade shake shiver shrug sigh sing slap slobber smile smirk snap snarl sneeze snicker sniff snore snort snowball snuggle sob spam spank spit squeal squeeze squirm stare stretch strip stroke strut sulk swoon tackle tease thank threaten tickle tip tongue twiddle type undress view wave whine whistle wiggle wince wink wonder worry worship yawn yeehaw yodel rose laces tank starve aargh homework puff differ yae lightbulb voodoo ogg confused beam bite discodance scuff whap lag chortle zerbert twitch
14 spell_level Every spell has a "spell level" that typically correlates to the difficulty to cast or power level overall of the spell.
58 spectral_hand Spectral hand is a touch based spell that can be cast from range. It deals low to mid energy damage, and when not saved against, applies a negative wisdom modifier to the target for a duration.
196 spell_absorption Spell absorption is a passive ability with a 15% proc rate allowing an inquisitor to absorb a damage spell directed at him/her, turning it instead into health.
251 spell_damage Spell damage directly increases the power behind your spells. Stacking high enough will also increase your spell casting level, which will make your spells easier to land.
397 speak Syntax: speak Using this command, one can change the language they are speaking, in case they have some unwanted listeners nearby.
409 spellup Syntax: spellup This command allows the caster to cast every buff they know at once on themselves, easily getting prepared for battle.
473 spell_schools The following are the major schools of magic, but many have been broken down into subschools for convenience in categorizing spells. Alteration Illusion Enchantment Divination * Conjuration Invocation Necromancy Abjuration Each school opposes the school opposite it in the chart. For example, Alteration and Abjuration are opposing schools.
535 spellcraft Spellcrafting is a passive skill that allows wizard to enjoy a bonus to their casting abilities when it occurs.
424 stats attributes A characters stats will determine what sort of class they can choose to become, and can have an effect on a variety of things regarding that character. The base stats include: strength, intelligence, wisdom, dexterity, constitution, charisma. Each of these affects different outcomes during a characters lifespan.
441 stand Stand is used to either wake up from sleep or to stand up from when sitting/lying on the ground or some sort of furniture.
665 steal Theft is the defining skill of the thief, and is only available to that class. It allows items to be stolen from the inventory of monsters and characters, and even from shops! But beware, shop keepers gaurd their merchandise carefully, and attempting to steal from a character earns you a THIEF flag if you are caught (making you free game for killing).
499 stone skin The stone skin spell increases the casters armor class tremendously, enabling them to linger in combat for a spell or two longer, possibly giving them the edge.
561 stone_meld Syntax: cast 'stone meld' This spell enables its caster to literaly meld into the ground beneath them, effectively hiding them from normal sight. It may be more or less effective depending on the location.
577 strength Strength is the measure of the physical power that your character has. It limits the amount of items you can carry at once, the maximum weight, and can add or reduce damage to/from your melee attacks. Strength affects: hitroll, melee dam, how much you can carry, how heavy a weapon you can wield
592 stun fist Syntax: stunfist The stun fist technique is a powerful tool learned by monks in order to momentarily disable their opponents. This technique does require a bit of ki energy, but it well worth it in the right situation.
272 subclass Syntax: subclass Subclassing can be done once a character has reached level 26, so long as they have not already multiclassed. Each subclass requires specific things to be true about your character, perhaps a specific class, or alignment, or even a specific set of skills are required. Subclassing can be done at any trainer and when typed with no argument, will provide a list of options that the character has for subclassing. Generic requirements for any subclass include: 1500 all time qp, 1500 gold, level 26. Current Available Subclasses: Amazon, Animalist, Artificer, Assassin, Barbarian, Bishop, Inquisitor, Necromancer, Psionicist, Pugilist, Shaman
101 summon_monster The summon monster spell will summon a demon of varying power, based on the material component the wizard must have on hand to cast it. A heart from some poor (assumingly deceased) creature.
182 summary Below are some common commands and their association. Remember you can type help, followed by any of these, to get further information on what they do. You can see a FULL list of commands by typing commands MOVEMENT GROUP north south east west up down follow group gtell exits recall enter go sleep wake rest stand OBJECTS INFORMATION / COMMUNICATION get put drop give sacrifice help credits commands area wear wield hold report score time weather where who recite quaff zap brandish description password title lock unlock open close pick bug idea typo ooc channel inventory equipment look compare gossip say shout tell yell eat drink fill pour emote pose scan read list buy sell value note toggle hlist COMBAT OTHER kill flee kick rescue disarm ! save quit backstab cast wimpy practice train gain For more help, type help for any command, skill, or spell. Hlist will show a list of helpfiles that can be narrowed with parameters. Also, see the helpfiles on: hlist, death, experience, guild, quest, pquest, toggle
493 summon Spell Level: 5 Type: Transportation Domain: Magic Element: Air The summon spell allows one to transport an individual of the casters choosing to his location instantaneously.
468 sunburst Spell Level: 5 Type: Evocation Domain: Sun Element: Light Sunburst is a powerful spell that causes light damage to its target via a solar flare. This spell will not work at night.
562 sunbeam Syntax: cast sunbeam This powerful incantation calls forth a beam of pure sunlight to strike your goes, regardless of weather or time of day. The intense energy and radiance of this beam will not only damage those caught within it, buy may blind them as well.
532 swim Swim is a passive skill that allows the common adventurer the ability to swim in the water, allowing him to travel to some places he might not have been able to get to before.

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406 tabaxi Stat Modifiers: Dexterity + 3, Wisdom - 3 Tabaxi are a tall agile feline race who prefer solitude. Many tabaxi travel in search of interesting lore and artifacts. Due to their excellent reflexes, hunting skills and sense of smell, tabaxi are difficult to track and kill. Tabaxi make great thieves and monks, but as an intelligent species with excellent combat skills they can excel at just about anything.
417 table The table command will show you any resistances, immunities, and vulnerabilities your character has to any sort of attack.
540 tailoring Syntax: tailor effects Syntax: tailor list Syntax: tailor fabric Syntax: tailor weapon Syntax: tailor armor Syntax: tailor Syntax: tailor weave Syntax: tailor loom By way of the tailoring skill, people with cloth materials can make clothing based on what they have and what dyes are on hand. It also gives them the ability to fabric existing cloth equipment, in order to reduce it to scrap fabric. Weaving can be used to turn either silk into satin/velvet, or cotton into denim/canvas. Each has it's own ratio of starting/ending material, and it is made known in the command by entering no amount argument with the tailor weave command. Using tailor loom, a tailor can turn certain herbs/plants into processed cloth material.
261 tame Syntax: tame Syntax: tame Syntax: tame Syntax: tame By using this command, a druid or ranger can utilize their ability in animal handling to tame pets or mounts to their cause. This can only be successful for beasts or magical beasts, as the creature must be somewhat "natural" in its nature. Players without the riding skill will not be able to tame mounts with this ability until they learn to ride. The ability requires 60 movement per attempt, or 90 for elite/boss creatures, and is more difficult to pull off if the victim is higher level than the player. Players can use bait if they like, which can increase their chances of success, but is not required unless the target is an Elite/Boss mobile. You can use any kind of food as bait. Players can also name their tamed animals, using the syntax above.
211 tanning Syntax: tan Using tanning, you are able to make leathers from the skins of corpses, with the option to use dyes to color them. Tanning specific animal skins can yield different results, below is the table. Material: Species That Yield: Leather Cow, Kangaroo, Ostrich, Bison Hard Leather Rhinoceros, Mammoth, Elephant, Alligator, Crocodile Suede Sheep, Goat, Deer, Pig Dragon Hide Any Type of Dragon Hide Anything Else
111 teleport The teleport spell can be cast on oneself or another, to magically transport them to a random location within the linked game world. This spell cannot transport you to clan halls, safe rooms, immortal areas, or any unfinished areas.
268 tell Syntax: tell tell You can use the tell command to send a private message to another player in the game. Alternatively, you can feed it an argument of history/recent, to see the last 15 tells sent to you since your last login.
10 templar The templar is a shining example of military order and strategic superiority. Only fighters are able to become a templar, as it requires a wide variety of weapon knowledge and specialized training to achieve the combat results that a templar can achieve.
640 thief thief basics thief default Primary Stat: Dexterity Secondary Stat: Intelligence Minimum Stats: Dexterity (10) Thieves are a marginal class. They do few things better than any other class, but have the widest range of skills available. Thieves are specialists at thievery and covert actions, being capable of entering areas undetected where more powerful adventurers would fear to tread. They are better fighters than clerics, but lack the wide weapon selection of warriors.
556 thorns Syntax: cast thorns This spells surrounds its caster with a briar like tangles of enchanted thorns. Any aggresive movement made towards those surrounded by the thorns results in them lashing out in retaliation at the one who wished to harm them.
229 throw Syntax: throw throw With the throw skill, you can throw anything you can lift at your enemies, with deadly accuracy. throw rocks, swords, even potions!
270 tick A tick is approximately 42 seconds in Aragond.
402 tiefling Stat Modifiers: Intelligence + 1, Charisma - 1 Tieflings are infernally scarred humans, who share heritage with some of hells finest inhabitants. They are roughly human sized, with typically darker skin tones, and horns protruding from their forehead. They are typically evil, but sometimes can be found with neutral companionship.
109 timestop The timestop spell allows a wizard to stop every action in the room at once, stopping combat for all people in the room, as well as lagging them for a few moments.
433 title Syntax: title Setting your title must be done with role play in mind. All titles are in character (IC).
3 tome Tomes can be rarely found while adventuring, and can offer an adventurer ancient written down knowledge of how to learn a specific skill or ability. Tomes can be written in any language, and can only be learned from by someone who speaks the appropriate language. Players with comprehend languages affecting them may also have a chance to learn from a tome they normall would not understand. See also: help learn, language, scroll
48 transfer_life The transfer life spell will allow a caster to apply a portion of his life force to his mana pool, at a 2:3 ratio. This cannot be cast on another.
89 transcendence This monk skill allows the monk of sufficient power and control to project his physical form into the astral plane, but requires much energy and ki to do so.
582 tracking With the tracking skill, a ranger may spot the tracks of animals and and humanoids, enabling him to hunt things down with ease. Tracks can be wiped out by rain and snow fairly rapidly, and time itself eventually erases tracks.
622 train syntax: train A train is the equivalent of ten practices. It can raise a stat point by one or be used to learn new skills and spells from your guilds trainer (which may cost gold). Characters receive 10 trains initially and get one per level thereafter. At every 10th level (10,20,30,40), you get an extra train. See also: help gain
744 trap Syntax: trap By way of this command, a person with sufficient skill can set or remove the trap on an object. You must be holding a set of thieves tools in order to successfully use this skill.
201 tree stride This druidic spell allows the player to teleport through the living trees of Aragond, an ability useful for protecting the worlds forests from woodcutters.
657 trip Back by popular demand. Trip is a somewhat dastardly attack, and involves using any one of a number of methods to bring your opponent down to the ground. Tripping large monsters is generally not a good idea, and agile ones will find the attack easy to avoid. Thieves and warriors may learn trip.
6 true_strike True strike is a passive ability that allows the pugilist the possibility of an extra attack each round that has a 25% additional chance of hitting the target over normal attacks.
188 turn_animal The druid subclass, animalist, has the ability to turn natural animals against their owner, as they are typically more in tune with nature. This ability can be useful in combat against other adventurers of the realm.
536 turn undead Syntax: turn A cleric using this ability can force one or more undead creatures to flee in Holy terror. Alignment plays a large role in this.

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579 unread The unread command will show you a table of all of the note spools in game, with how many notes are on each, and how many you currently have unread. Each character retains their own individual spool info. See also: help note
574 upro This helpfile is to help clarify some of the things Im working on currently, in an effort to try and keep everyones ideas in an organized list. To Do List: Finish my mob AI codework (already did beholders and redid spec_cleric/spec_mage) Camping (will go hand in hand with cooking / survival / etc.) Last 3 subclasses Class quests

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139 vampiric_forge This spell will permanently enchant a weapon, giving it the ability to draw life from those it injures in combat, rewarding a portion of the drained life to it's wielder.
262 vault The vault system allows players to store up to 100 non container items in their vault. With an appropriate account flag, this is increased to 200 (See help donate). look To place an item in your vault, type vault itemname. In order to withdraw items from your vault, you must type vault withdraw itemname. You can see a list of items in your vault by typing vault with nothing following it.
478 ventriloquate Spell Level: 0 Type: Cantrip Domain: Magic Element: n/a The ventriloquate spell is used for trickery mostly, but a clever wizard could find it useful in intelligence gathering situations, or for frightening their opponent into fleeing the scene.
147 vitalizing_verse Vitalizing verse is the bard's way of flushing poison and plague from their body, as well as restoring a bit of movement, which is increased when using a percussion instrument.
179 vnum A vnum is a virtual number. This represents either a mobile, object, room, or quest in the game.
215 vocal_shield Vocal shield is a bard song that improves the armor class of the recipient of the song. It may be sung to oneself, or to others.
301 vocal_shield With this melody, a bard may protect himself similarly to the wizard spell, "armor". This is one of the first songs a bard learns while in the music academy.
91 volley Using this skill, a player can fire off 3 arrows at once upon a target, causing an enormous amount of burst damage.
302 vote Voting is important to our growth, so we ask that you vote once per day. It takes just a few seconds, and can be done by following the link below: http://www.topmudsites.com/vote-aragond.html

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146 wail_of_doom The wail of doom is a powerful malus that lowers the target's constitution, hit points, and mana, greatly. Simultaneously it causes a bit of charm type damage, which can be increased by wearing a brass instrument.
75 wall_of_force This wizard spell allows one to magically block a room's exit from people passing through. It can be dispelled with dispel magic or passed through only by one who is affected by gaseous form.
544 walk_description entrance Syntax: entrance Your walk description is what others will see as you enter or leave a room. This requires a very specific format to not look goofy therefore below Ive included some examples to help you get accustomed to them. Good examples: A scarred, towering man A lithe, curvacious elf A surly dwarf purposefully Bad examples: A force to be reckoned with The king of spain Also dont put numbers in them, at all. Immortals have the right to force you to change this if it doesnt conform to what we feel is appropriate for the game atmosphere.
636 wands staves scrolls figurines Scrolls, staves, and wands can be found across Aragond, giving a wide array of access to spells and powers contained within an enchanted object. These objects typically have a number of charges (wands/staves/figurines) which can be replenished through the recharge spell. Scrolls on the other hand dissipate after recitation/reading. Scrolls can be scribed, just as wands and figurines can be crafted. scrolls The reading of magical scrolls (see help recite/learn) staves The use of staves and similar devices (see help brandish) wands The use of wands and similar items (see help zap) figurines Specially carved gemstone or wooden figurines (see help zap)
197 water_walk Water walk is a druid spell which allows the caster to walk on water, giving him passage across rivers, small lakes, and such. This spell is castable only on oneself.
554 water breathing Syntax: cast water breathing This enchantment allows the user to, well... breathe underwater.
5 weapon_break Weapon Break is an active ability that allows the pugilist to damage an opponent's weapon severely. This skill does not work on weapons with the indestructible flag.
132 wear The wear command is used to wear the various equipment you will find as you adventure within Aragond. If you are already wearing a similar item, the game will try to replace it for you, so that you don't have to remove anything first. This will not work for items that are flagged no_remove. Wearing items will increase your stats according to the object worn, and players are restricted to certain bulk classes when equipping armor. See help bulk. Players can see worn items by using the equipment command, which has several toggleable features found in the toggle command, such as item conditions, and eq score.
472 weaken Spell Level: 3 Type: Enchantment Domain: Magic Element: Earth The weaken spell has been used for centuries by wizards wanting to even the playing field with a more melee oriented opponent. This spell drains its target of several points of strength for the duration, lowering their ability to deal direct damage in combat.
642 weapon axe dagger sword flail mace polearm spear staff whip bow crossbow Each weapon skill applies to a specific group of armaments, and determines how well a character fights with a particular weapon. The weaponsmaster group provides talent in all weapons (save exotics), from chair legs to halberds. If the character has the parry skill as well, he can parry incoming attacks. The chance of parrying is best if the character in question is skilled at both his weapon and his opponents. The weapon skills consist of the following: axe the use of axes, ranging from hand to great (but not halberds) dagger the use of knives and daggers, and other stabbing weapons flail skill in ball-and-chain type weapons mace this skill includes clubs and hammers as well as maces staff staves, quaterstaffs, bo sticks polearm the use of pole weapons (except spears), including halberds spear this skill covers both spears and staves, but not polearms short sword short swords, sabers, blades (no more than 3 feet in length) long sword long swords, cutlasses, claymores, rapiers (longer than 3 feet in length) whip the use of whips, chains, and bullwhips bow ranged combat with arrows. crossbow ranged combat with crossbow bolts. exotic the use of strange magical weapons The exotic skill cannot be purchased, and is dependent solely upon level.
567 web Syntax: cast web This spells covers your target in sticky layers of webbing, greatly hindering their ability to move.
466 weight The weight of an object is important. We must keep evenly distributed item weight throughout the game to prevent overloading of secret items with no weight. The current weight ratio for money on Aragond is 10 coins per pound. Weight Approximations: short sword 3-4 lbs long sword 5-6 lbs two-hand sword 8-11 lbs spear 6-10 lbs bastard sword 6-9 lbs dagger 1-3 lbs mace 4-10 lbs (depending on one/two handed)
207 where Syntax: where The where command is used to see visible players nearby you in the same area. Invisible or hiden players may not show up, unless you have the proper detections placed on your character. See also: help examine, look, scan
80 whirlwind The whirlwind skill is a combat skill usable by fighters to attack everything in the room at once, besides their own groupmates. One must already be in the heat of combat to invoke the skill. Having a high dexterity plays an important role in both the success of and the output of attacks that this skill performs.
82 who The who command shows who is playing or moderating the game at the current time. It can be filtered by arguments such as race, class, level, or even who has the GROUPING flag toggled on at the time.
100 wield The wield command is used to wield a weapon in one's primary hand. Weapons available are limited to one's strength and skill in said weapon class.
295 wimpy Syntax: wimpy Setting wimpy will set your character to auto-flee when he/she/it reaches the specified amount. See also: help flee
515 wisdom Wisdom is the measure of a characters capacity to see all perspectives in a situation, when others may not. Clerics, monks, and druids pursue wisdom throughout their career, in hopes of gleaning the slightest insight into the thinking of their respective Gods. Wisdom can also help ones mana pool. Wisdom affects: potential for psionic powers, heal spells, magic defense
56 wither Wither can be used to destroy the first example of flora such as herbs, plants, and trees in a room. The wither spell can also repeal the effects of an overgrowth spell on a room.
629 wizlist admin The immortal staff of Aragond: The Chronicles - Upro - head admin, programmer, design, and webmaster Anax - head builder, creative director, storyline director Rowena - typo finder extraordinaire, helpfile fixer, light builder
638 wizard mage Primary Stat: Intelligence Secondary Stat: Wisdom Minimum Stats: Intelligence (10) Wizards are a potent force within Aragond, though it takes a long time and quite a bit of dedication for a wizard to become powerful. Spells are not handed out, and must be found through painstaking adventuring, or learned through your guild after trust is built and coin is paid. Wizards have by far the largest array of abilities, due to the massive amount of spells available to them. They begin with either chilling touch, burning hands, magic missile, or shocking grasp for a combative spell. Wizards also begin with a utility spell, either copy, knock, or audible glamor. They can choose to specialize in a particular element, allowing them to hone their skill with one element, making their spells of that element stronger and giving them a slight resistance to the chosen element. Wizards rely on their intelligence for almost everything involving their class. They can also only wear armor of the cloth type, and cannot surpass a total armor bulk of 5.
212 woodworking Syntax: woodwork Syntax: woodwork Syntax: woodwork Syntax: woodwork Syntax: woodwork Syntax: woodwork
533 woodcutting chop Syntax: chop Syntax: chop This skill requires the player to wield an axe, then he/she may proceed to chop down the nearest tree, and gather the wood they have collected from it. This material can be seen via the material command.
121 word_of_recall This spell will return the target to their designated recall spot, if not saved against. This can be cast on oneself, one's pets/charmies/mounts, or others.
253 worth Syntax: worth The worth command shows you your wealth as a character, as well as some other information regarding points youve built up in certain categories.
564 wrath of the ancients Syntax: cast wrath of the ancients This beneficial enhancement grants the enchanted person the wrath of nature itself, greatly increasing their fury and ability when engaged in melee combat.

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420 zap Syntax: zap Utilizing the zap command, a character can test his skill in wands, by zapping one they have equipped, at an opponent or ally.