~ Intro ~

"I have crossed boundless oceans and peered into dying suns. From the roiling shores of Denurnien to the hellpits of Dis, but I shall venture further for I know my journey is not complete." - Callixste the explorer

     Discover the ever-expanding world of Aragond, and venture through its myriad of original planes, playing as a fearsome fighter crushing his enemies under his might, or a sly thief always on the prowl for purses to pillage. As a long-running old-school MUD, we are focused on delivering the best experience for pvp and pve players alike, with features rewarding exploration, trade, and roleplay as well as deep and strategic combat.

Special Thanks Goes To: Weiland, Anax, Ponnet, Atrus, Krilantis, Yevaud, Zargo, Nestor, Rowena, Sasdin, Rishken, Silence, Galt, Nhudri and many other playtesters and builders who have come and gone over the years.

~ Information ~

Category Brief Description
Codebase ROM 2.4b6, refined, cleaned, and massively overhauled ripping out old systems and replacing with new. (Currently over 160,000 lines of code)
Genre High Fantasy
Influences AD&D 1E/2E, H.P. Lovecraft, Magic: the Gathering, and many different muds over the years.
Overarching Theme Players are in a religious war to claim the most land. Player killing is inherent/unavoidable. Role playing is required in regards to ethos, race, religion, and name.
World / Areas Completely original world (save for a facelifted newbie academy), with multiple planes to explore.
Connection Info www.mudhaven.net, port 9000, or play on the web

~ News / Announcements ~

Date Type Brief Description
4/11/2022 NEW CODE Spiders can now rarely drop spider webs, which you can take to a loom and weave into spider silk. Trees during the spring and summer will produce honeycomb, which can be processed into honey syrup for mead or wax for candles and more.
3/23/2022 NEW CODE Many bugs have been squashed in the last few months, along with some great new features! Now you can weave certain fabrics into others at the loom, as well as creating ingots of different metal alloys from base metals. Also, pick fruits/nuts from the trees around Aragond and feast. Enjoy!
12/10/2021 NEW CODE Equipment sets are in! Get extra "set" bonuses by equipping gear from the same set!
10/20/2021 NEW AREA A new area, the Arani Butte, can now be found along the road east of Renfall.
08/29/2021 SERVER MAINTENANCE Don't forget, our server will be undergoing maintenance on September 4th. Please plan accordingly.
02/10/2021 NEW CODE Players now receive a daily login bonus, which progresses through three levels, over ten day periods per level. The first level grants gold, the second fish points, and the third grants quest points. Enjoy!
02/09/2021 NEW AREA Added in the wetlands, located at the eastern edge of the Mogsha Woods, these paddy fields have been invaded by fearsome bugbears. The savagery of these monsters might, however, be hiding something more sinister...

~ Features ~

Feature Brief Description
Custom Questing System Tons of progressable quests created via our custom QEDIT functionality.
Random Loot Drops On top of the stock equipment that can be found throughout the land, mobiles can drop randomized Diablo-style equipment.
Fishing! Not up for monster slaying or pvp today? Sit back, load your pipe, and puff on it while you fish the day away. Use gameinfo to track the best fishermen in Aragond.
A Toggleable Mini Map Detailed 5 room x 5 room mini map depicting the surrounding rooms, players, and mobiles.
Immersive Crafting Gather materials via skills such as mining, then turn them into weapons, armor, cookware, and other crafting tools. Sell your crafted items to NPC vendors or other players!
Pets and Mounts Tame or purchase pets and mounts, collect equipment for them, and train their stats as they level up alongside you.
Dozens of Ways to Progress Gaining experience is not just done by killing monsters. You can do so by more than a dozen other ways such as exploring, improving skills, and learning new languages.
Multi-Classing Choose a secondary class to benefit from a wider skillset, or gain the ability to cast spells.
Sub-Classing Remain your main class, but specialize in a particular area of it, opening up more abilities and specializations.
Removal of Skill/Spell Groups Each skill/spell is learned individually, breaking free from cookie cutter builds of the past.
Learning Spells From Scrolls Spellcasters can learn spells from scrolls, giving them flexibility of character builds.
Interactive Objects Push, pull, or pry objects. Break them down into their root material for crafting or sale, or enhance them with magic. Dropping glass objects may break them, buoyant objects float in water and move with the wind, attach pieces of objects together to form a new object, and more.
Room Affects Rooms can be affected by spells! This adds a level of strategy and interactiveness to the areas never before seen!
Interactive Environment Walking leaves tracks in the snow/mud, dig up a treasure chest or plant a seed and watch it grow (don't forget to water it!), chop down a tree and use the materials to make something with, or don't and watch it grow over time.
Climate Based Weather Each area has it's own climate setting, which will produce dynamic weather elements, giving a greater immersive feeling. Experience rain, sleet, snow, hail, lightning strikes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and more.
Different planes and time travel Beyond Aragond (the material plane), travel to many other planes of existence, or time travel through one of our time-shifted areas.

~ Maps ~

A player made map of the world

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