How to Apply for Mudhaven Hosting

Apply for hosting on Mudhaven servers.
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How to Apply for Mudhaven Hosting

Post by Liko » September 25th, 2019, 10:27 pm


So you are wanting to use Mudhaven as your hosting provider. Here are a couple of ways to apply:

1) Post in this forum. Below is a simple format:
  1. Requested Username:
  2. Game Name:
  3. Requested Port:
That is it. I will reply to the topic you have created to let you know the account is created. I will also send you a PM on here for your first name, last initial and e-mail address.

2) Email me at
  1. Please place the subject as Applying for Hosting
  2. Requested Username
  3. Game Name:
  4. Requested Port:
  5. Real Name
I will reply when your account is set up.

Please Note: check the port list to make sure your port is open.
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