Yu Yu Fans?

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Yu Yu Fans?

Post by Tenkichi » October 22nd, 2019, 9:30 am

So like since 1992 I've been a die heart Yu Yu Hakusho fan. I know corny right? - But heck if you got to put your love into something anime wise. Why not. The storyline of a kid dying in a car accident (Hit and run) was sad in the beginning. But man did it perk up when he got setup as the Spirit Detective. I mean it kind of made you wonder if there was some before him with that title. BUt you don't really find that information out until Season 3- EP: 98. Like Senusi - Man went crazy try to release the Demon World into the Living World.

Oh there also was a female who gave up being one, so she could start a family. But what I didn't like was how they never and rarely showed King Enma. The God of all Gods. The one who set the barrier between Demon World and all else. The one everyone feared. Yet he made a deal with Yusuke a SS+ Class demon who apperantly rivaled oh lug head of the Gods himself. But that's only due to Yusuku being a halfbreed. He had that ancient Raizuk bloodline inside of himself.

But all in all - I would say Yu Yu by far is my #1 Anime Show outside of DBZ, Naruto, Zoids, Gundam Wing, Trigun lol :P
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