Rules For Mudhaven:

These are the rules for Mudhaven server. By logging into the server, you agree to all rules. Not reading these is not acceptable reason for not knowing. The rules can change or be added onto at any time.

  1. No child pornography
    1. First Offense: Account will be deleted immediately and you will not be able to apply for hosting again.
  2. Keep your CPU usage at or below your account level.
    1. First Offense: Warning will be sent you.
    2. Second Offense: Program will be killed on the spot.
    3. Third Offense: Account will be deleted. You can reapply for hosting in 60 days.
    4. Note: If the high cpu usage is due to a bug that is being fixed and you present a timeline for which to address the bug or fix the issue, no warning will be issued.
  3. No subletting your account.
    1. First Offense: Account will be deleted and you can reapply for hosting in 60 days.
  4. One free account per IP.
    1. First Offense: All free accounts will be deleted.
    2. Second Offense: IP Ban for 60 days and unable to reapply for hosting for 90 days.
    3. Note: Anyone that has one or more account on 5/5/2020 will be grandfathered in. Any account deleted after thhe marked date will not beable to keep one or more account.

Rules Last Updated: 5/05/2020

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