How to Apply

Apply for hosting services on Mudhaven.
Forum rules
1) Do not post anything here unless it is applying for hosting services. Please read How to Apply topic to apply for hosting.
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How to Apply

Post by Liko » Tue Aug 13, 2019 10:26 pm

To apply for hosting is simple.
  1. Create a topic in this board with the subject of hosting needed or something similar.
  2. In the topic's body please include the following: requested username(If you can please use your forum name), game type(byond or mud), and requested port.
  3. Once your topic is created you will receive a reply from an admin or moderator letting you know your account has been created. Once the account is created the topic will be locked.
Subject: Hosting needed for Byond game name.
Hello I'd like hosting services for my game. Here is the information you have requested.
Username: test
game type: byond
port: 3222 or just pick.

Also here are the rules when using the server:
  1. No pornographic material.
  2. No using another users port.
  3. No subletting your account for other purposes. Example(Letting a friend use your account to store files that are not related to your game).
  4. If I recieve a copyright infringment or request to take down, your account and all files will be deleted.
  5. No harrassing other users.
  6. Inactive Free account will be purged, if the user doesn't log in for 30 days or longer.
  7. Do not go over your cpu allowance. If you go over allowence the program or programs that are running will be shutdown. You can see the cpu allowance here.
That is it! I will try to reply and create accounts in a timely fashion.

Note: I will get your e-mail from the e-mail you have used to register on here. Your e-mail is only used to receive server related issues.
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