Getting your game to run.

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Getting your game to run.

Post by Liko » Sun Oct 28, 2018 7:58 pm


Welcome to and its hosting service! I am going to write a guide to explain how to access the server, how to upload files, a script for hosting byond games, and how to execute commands.

What Are Putty and CoreFTP
Putty is used to access the server and execute commands via the server. You can edit, view, and run your games from here.
CoreFTP is used to upload files to your user account on the server.

How To Access The Server

Step 1: Download Putty (32 Bit/64 Bit) and Coreftp(32 Bit/64 Bit).

Step 2: Open Putty and set the settings as the example below:


Note: Remember to save your settings so you don't have to constantly retype the settings. Once you have everything set in the Saved Sessions put Mudhaven and hit save.

Step 3: Click open and the following screen will open:


Step 4: Enter your username and password.
Note: Your password will not show up as you type it in.

Step 5: If you logged into server via putty successfully it should look like this:


Step 6: We are gonna ignore putty for now and open CoreFtP. Set the settings to the following:


Step 7: Once you hit the settings and hit connect. If you entered the setting successfully this should pop up:


Click yes.

Step 8: If you did everything successfully CoreFTP should look like this:


Note: The left side of CoreFTP is your local files while the right site is server files.

These easy steps are used for connecting to the server via Putty and CoreFTP.

Uploading Files To Your User Account

Step 1: Once you are connected to the server via CoreFTP. Find the files you want to upload to the server on your computer on the local client side(left side of coreftp).
Step 2: Left click the file you want to upload and hit upload.
Note: For byond users most games need to have the .dmb and .rsc uploaded. Also include any file you know is needed to run.
Note: If the upload seems to take awhile, left click the file that is being uploaded in the bottom section of coreftp and hit stop then left click the file again and hit start.

These two easy steps are all that it takes to upload to the server.

Getting Your Game To Run

Byond Games
Step 1: Open putty.
Step 2: If you uploaded your source/hosting files directly into your user account simply type: pico
Step 3: Copy, paste, and modify the following script below:

Code: Select all

screen -S enteryourusernamehere DreamDaemon enteryourfilename.dmb -port enteryourporthere -trusted
Note: If you have any spaces in the .dmb file name you need to add "" around the file name. Example: "Saiyan of Nuke.dmb"
Step 4: To exit pico type ctrl + x. It will ask you to save just hit yes.
Step 5 You may have permission issues with If you do simply type chmod 777
Step 6: If you have done all the steps above, type ./ &
Step 7: If step 6 is done correctly, you should see this screen that says: World Open on port xxx.
Note: If you see: [screen is terminating]. That means your game failed to run. You could be missing files needed to run or code is stopping you from running the game.

Step 1: Compile your source code
Step 2: Run your start or autorun file.

Killing Your Game Once It's Running

So you want to kill your game while its running.

Step 1: Type ps ux and it should display something like this:


Step 2: Find your games PID, it will look something like this:


Step 3: Type kill -9 pidnumber
Example: If I wanted to kill my game, I'd type kill -9 9163

That is the three easy steps to stopping your game.

Odds and Ends

Q: What if I want to update my byond game?
A: Simply upload your new .dmb and .rsc file to the server. Then you can just reboot from your game.

Q: How do I create a new folder on the server from putty?
A: You will use the mkdir(make directory) command. Example: mkdir test

How do I move folders with putty?
A: You will use the cd(change directory) command. Example: cd test
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