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Mudhaven FAQS:

Q: How do I connect to the server?

Method 1:

Method 2:

  1. Open the Putty application
  2. Where you see hostname, type: Example #1)
  3. Make sure the ssh is clicked and port 22 is set in the port option.
  4. Click the open button and it should open a connection to the Mudhaven server.(See Example #2)
  5. Type in your username and hit enter.
  6. Type in your password and hit enter.(Note: The password will not show when typing.)
Example 1:

Example 2:

Q: How do I connect with an ftp client to the server?

  1. Open your ftp client. For this example I will be using coreFTP.
  2. For Site Name put Mudhaven
  3. For Host/IP/URL put
  4. For username, put your username.
  5. For password, put your password.
  6. For port put 22 or change the connection to SSH/SFTP connection
  7. Click connect and should have you connect to the server.

Q: Why can't I connect with ftp client?

A: There could be various reasons why the ftp client won't connect. I will list the most common.
  1. If it is a new account and you haven't logged into the server with putty, you need to login in with putty first to set your password. FTP won't connect while your password is expired.

  2. Make sure your username and password are correct.
  3. Make sure your ftp client settings are correct.

Q: How do I get my BYOND game to run?

A: Follow the following steps below:
  1. Load all files need to host your game to the server.(.dmb and .rsc are usually what is needed, but you may need any other depend files/folders.)

  2. Create a file called in the same location where your .dmb and .rsc files are located.
    • You can create the file by typing pico

  3. Open your file and copy one of the examples below:

  4. if you have a space in your file name use this example below:
    • DreamDaemon "your filename".dmb yourport -options &

    • If you don't have a space in your .dmb name use this example:
    • DreamDaemon yourfile.dmb yourport -options &

    You can use the following options for the -options:
    • -cd path
      • Use the specified path as the working directory. The default is the directory containing the world file.
    • -cgi
      • Run in CGI mode. This is normaly compiled directly into the .dmb by setting world.executor, which in turn is normally done automatically by including Dantom.CGI.
    • -core
      • Produce a core dump if DreamDaemon crashes.
    • -home path
      • Use the specified path as the top safe directory. The default is the directory containing the world file.
    • -invisible
      • Don't broadcast the world to the BYOND hub.
    • -log logfile
      • Send stderr to the specified file.
    • -logself
      • Send stderr to world.log, where world is the name of the .dmb file (minus the .dmb).
    • -once
      • Shutdown after users log out.
    • -params var=value
      • Any number of parameter assignments may be made or a single form-url-encoded string may be provided that includes multiple assignments. These parameters are made availā€ able to the DM program in world.params.
    • -ports range
      • Specify a range of ports that may be used when a specific port is not specified. This also applies to any child worlds spawned by the startup() DM instruction, which is used by host servers to dynamically execute worlds when they are requested by users. See PORTS for more options. The syntax for range is a comma separated list of numbers or ranges of numbers. Example:

        -ports 1234,1236,1240-1250
    • -quiet
      • Generate less noise in the log file. The main difference is that the world does not advertise when it starts up.
    • -safe
      • Allow access to files and subdirectories in the same location as the world file. Shell commands may not be executed. This is the default if the world file is in a safe directory. A safe directory is one with the same name as the world file. A file called MyWorld.dmb would run in safe mode by default if it existed in a directory called MyWorld. This comparison is not sensitive to case.
    • -trace
      • Output a debug trace-log file to help the developers track bugs.
    • -trusted
      • Allow access to any part of the filesystem and permit execution of shell commands. Note that allowing DreamDaemon to try accessing any file does not mean the operating system will actually allow the operation. Normal system security is in no way compromised by running in -trusted mode.
    • -ultrasafe
      • Disallow all file access and forbid the .dmb program from executing any shell commands. This is the default if the world file is not in a safe directory. (See -safe.)
    • -unsafe_diag
      • Don't block SIGUSR2 during lengthy I/O operations: useful if you want a backtrace via kill -USR2 and DreamDaemon is ignoring it due to I/O or infinite loop, but may be dangerous if a system call is interrupted.
    • -version
      • Output the BYOND version and then exit.

  5. Once you have setup your file type ./ & this will run the script you just made.
    • If you see the permission denied message please see 'What happens when I get the permission denied message when I try to run my' section
    • If you see the message example below, it means your game is running.
    • If you do not see the above example when you run your game, it means it is crashing before it can run. The most common reasons are you are missing a file needed to run or your is not with game files.

Q: What happens when I get the permission denied message when I try to run my

A: When you get the permission denied message its quite easy to fix, simple type: chmod 755 filename. If you want a better explanation of chmod this site can help you.

Q: How do I close my game from the server?

A: You can close the the game with two commands: ps ux and kill. I will show you the steps below to kill your game from the server.
  1. Type ps ux and you should have something like this show pop up:
  2. Now find the PID. In my ps ux screen shot, my PID would be 26963. You get this PID because its the line with DreamDaemon command.
  3. Now simply type kill -9 PID. So for my example it would be: kill -9 26943. That will kill your game from the server.