Q: What day will the invoice for my account be sent to me?

A: If you are paying with PayPal, the invoice will be sent on the 4th of each month. If you are a patreon user, it will be automaticly taken from your account.

Q: What happens if I don't pay for my account?

A: Your account will be changed to a free account.

Q: What is a user purge?

A: User purge is when I purge inactive accounts. All data will be deleted from the server.

Q: How do I get my Byond game to run?

  1. Download Putty and FileZilla. (You can download them here)
  2. Open Putty and where you see host name, put: mudhaven.net then click SSH option. This should set your port to 22.

  3. Login with putty.(Note: You won't see your password while typing. Also, if this is your first time logging in to the server. You will be required to change your password.)
  4. Now open up FileZilla. Where you see host, put mudhaven.net where you see username, put your username, where you see password, put your password, and for port put 22. (Note: If you haven't logged in to the server at least once while pending a password reset, FileZilla will deny you.)

  5. Once you are connected with FileZilla, upload all files needed for your game to host.
  6. Now go back to the Putty screen. Now go to the file location where your host files are. You can use the cd command to change directory.
  7. Once you are where the files are in putty. Type pico start.sh and copy this into the file, but change the values you match your game and port

    screen -S liko DreamDaemon yourfilename.dmb -port yourport -trusted

  8. Hit ctrl + x to close and save te file.
  9. Once you have it saved type ./start.sh & and if everything goes well, you should see something like this:

Q: Why am I getting permission denied when I try to edit or run a file?

A: You need to change your files permissions. chmod is the command you want to use. Here is a great resource for it. Also, here is a website that will help you know what you are setting.

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