Welcome to Mudhaven!

I host web, byond, and MUD games. I offer different level of tiers for different needs. There are only so many free accounts available. Below I will list the tiers and what is given with each. The price is what is due by the 4th of every month. If you do not pay, your account will be downgraded to a free account.

If you are interested in applying for a free or paid account you can either click the apply link above or click here to apply.

Mudhaven Tiers:

Web Development Accounts:

Price: Storage: Html: PhP: Mysql: Url Redirection: Discord Role: User Purge:
Free 500 Megabytes Yes No No No No Yes
$1.00 1 Gigabyte Yes No No No Yes No
$5.00 10 Gigabytes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No
$10.00 20 Gigabytes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No

Byond/MUD Accounts:

Price: Storage: CPU Usage: Web Support: Url Redirection: Ports: Discord Role: User Purge:
Free 500 Megabytes 3% Html No 1 No Yes
$1.00 750 Megabytes 6% Html No 1 Yes No
$5.00 2 Gigabytes 10% Html, PHP, MySql No 1 Yes No
$10.00 5 Gigabytes 15% Html, PHP, MySql Yes 2 Yes No

Server Information:

Free Web Accounts: 3

Free Byond Accounts: 0

Free Mud Accounts: 3

Last Updated: 05/02/2020

Contact Information: